In a recent development, Brave Browser has announced that it has begun the first phase of self-custody of Basic Attention Token (BAT) rewards, notable choosing the Solana (SOL) blockchain for its benefits of low fees and high transaction speed.

BAT rewards on Solana blockchain

The implementation of BAT rewards on the Solana blockchain will begin with a select number of early Brave users, heralding a global rollout. “An initial group of invitees, and soon Brave users worldwide, will be able to receive BAT, earned through Brave Rewards, at a self-managed wallet address on the Solana blockchain,” Brave’s official statement said.

This new rewards model on the Solana blockchain will initially be available by invitation, with eligible users receiving notifications in the browser’s BAT Rewards panel. Participants who qualify can link their Solana wallets to receive tokens directly on-chain, after verifying ownership of the SOL address.

Solana, known for its efficiency and low transaction costs, remains an attractive choice for blockchain initiatives. With average fees of just $0.002 per transaction, in stark contrast to the $1.00 fees on the Ethereum blockchain, this integration promises a cost-efficient method for receiving BAT rewards.

Marking significant step forward

The partnership between Brave and Solana marks a significant step forward in integrating cryptocurrencies into everyday internet use, promoting both cryptocurrency adoption and a more decentralized online experience. With this new model, users have full control over their Solana wallets, allowing them to earn and spend rewards without restrictions.

This development highlights Brave’s ongoing efforts to simplify and improve interactions with web3 technologies, providing users with a more lucrative and user-friendly way to participate in the digital advertising ecosystem.


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