The health team and students from different universities who are active in the PTS We made a decision on December 20th. We take to the streets to challenge Bullrich’s protocol. This decision implied contemplating the possibilities of repression, which is why We began to organize the health post to assist the possible injured. We made a broad call and from there companions did not stop joining.

This reflection was possible because, as a political current, The PTS in health has the experience of having set up these teams in the face of many other repressions. For example, the 14D and 18D of the 2017where We defeated the labor reform of Macrismo and where we resisted against the pension reform that Macrismo achieved with the votes of all variants of Peronism. We were also in the land seizure in Guernica y We face the bulldozers of Berni and Kicillof that destroyed the homes of families fighting for land to live on.

In these and many other experiences in the streets, we learned how to team up to assist and take care of the organization of the sectors that go out to fight. We do it while from our workplaces we face the division and immobility imposed by the union leaders in health. After resisting on the front lines of the pandemic, hospitals and rooms emptied by each government in power. We do this by organizing ourselves in the health sciences universities, facing the leadership of the Nuevo Espacio- EDI (Ex Franja Morada) student centers, which act according to their own interests and not those of the student body as a whole.

We are moved by the conviction that our knowledge is not only there to put band-aids on the consequences of the degradation of the living conditions of millions, while governments take care of imperialist or national capitalist profits and adjust to pay the IMF debt.

This is how we arrived at 31E, organized to take care of the resistance of our groups, that was what the supplies we had were enough for. In the same repression we were overwhelmed. From hand to hand they passed oils, milk, and napkins to assist those who were affected by the pepper spray used by the different forces..

Once the mobilization was over, we began to contact colleagues to invite them to join and, thus, expand the health post.. With or without health knowledge, but with a willingness to learn and confidence in not getting nervous. We treated 285 injured people total, among them the deputy Alejandro Vilca of the PTS in the Left Front. The gratitude of the residents of the popular assemblies, social organizations, the unemployed, unions and press workers was enormous. Our fellow teachers formed squads protecting the Health Post, they took care of us from the repression so that we could attend safely.

In dozens of messages they asked us for an Alias ​​or a place to collaborate with the Health Post and, thus, the “Health and Care Post” in which companions do not stop joining. Between fatigue and pride we couldn’t go to sleep, but rather we set up the post networks and published the alias of a colleague. From there we called on everyone who wants to strengthen the fight against the Milei adjustment plan. This way we prepare much better for 2F.

We form mental health commissions, training of trainers, press and diffusion, women and diversity, supplies and other post organization, etc. A supportive graphic designer from Córdoba put her art at the service of making a logo for the post, fellow artists made the flag, We put together workshops for future trainers. We vote to participate on 1M, 8M and 24M. We went to report what was voted to the NiUnaMenos assembly.

We went to the public hearing called by the Left Front bloc, on the events of Bullrich’s repression, in the context of the mobilizations against the Omnibus Law. We provide our care data on all the injured. Among those injured is our colleague Matías Aufieri, lawyer for CeProDH, a reference in the fight for human rights and advisor to Myriam Bregman’s bank.who was injured on 1F, in one of his eyes by rubber bullets, compromising his vision to this day.

We are convinced that the democratic organization of neighborhood assemblies is a support point to organize our work. blank, precarious, unemployed and retired from all sectors and neighborhoods. As well as More than 20 assemblies came to the first aid workshop at the door of the Garrahan Hospital. Until the time of publishing this note, from the “Health and Care Post”, we are at the Parque Patricios assemblies, Boedo, San Cristóbal – Constitución – Monserrat, Rivadavia and Medrano, Córdoba and Pueyrredón, Villa 21-24, Almagro, Monte Castro, Chacabuco Park, San Telmo, Avellaneda Park, Scalabrini and Corrientes, Balvanera, little horse, Avellanedaas well as assemblies of the South, West and La Plata zones. We propose to understand the assemblies, places of work and study that we are missing.

At the last meeting of the Health and Care Post, we voted to multiply this experience and We set up a liaison commission between hospitals and neighborhoods, where we invited neighbors, workers and health sciences students to join.. Among these initiatives, we also propose the creation of a new large workshop at the Faculty of Medicine on 28E.

Since we set up the Health and Care Post, hundreds of colleagues have joined. Against ableist visions, we trust in the construction of inter-knowledge and the democratization of knowledge. So our teams are made up of health teams, health sciences students and first responders, but also designers, artists, precarious workers and neighbors from neighborhood assemblies.

We are proud of the organization we have achieved, but we know that it is not enough. Given the critical situation that millions of working and popular families are experiencing, we need to be thousands. Lean on the democracy of the assemblies to hit the union and student bureaucracies, starting with the health bureaucracies. Strengthen the assemblies by adding hundreds of colleagues in places of work and study.

This massiveness is necessary to impose from below, the strike and plan of struggle on the CGT and the CTA, until the DNU is defeated.. But it is also true prevention against Bullrich’s repressive attempts. They are in worse conditions to advance with the repressive protocol if there are thousands of us in the streets.

For all this, we voted at the last meeting of the Health and Care Post, to call the two posts that installed their gazebos on 2E, at the United for Culture festival, to unify in this perspective and build a huge unitary post. Starting with these posts of the MST and the Workers’ Partywe also call on internal boards that are in the struggles, such as the JI ATE and the Association of Professionals and Technicians of the Garrahan Hospital, all the social and union organizations that fight against the Milei adjustment plan and They repudiate the repression of Bullrich’s anti-picket protocol.

Surely we will continue to have different visions on many issues, like all organizations that defend the democratic organization, we will continue debating. But The critical situation warrants putting the unitary organization first to win.. Let’s put that need first and take on these enormous challenges together. We invite all colleagues to join and spread this initiative.


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