This Friday, June 16, the national ATE and the Autonomous CTA call for a national strike, according to the notes on the page, it will be with mobilizations and cuts due to an emergency salary increase and in “rejection of the interference of the International Monetary Fund” in the country.

The strike occurred after the May 30th the national government and UPCN closed an agreement for a salary increase in installments that is behind inflation, which generated a lot of anger among the national state companies. Anger with the adjustment government of the Frente de Todos and the unions: with UPCN, which sealed the agreement, and with ATE, which has emptied the union, without calling for a debate to define measures and a serious fight plan for its support of the government. They criticize Alberto Fernández on the one hand and on the other on May 25 they were in the Plaza de Mayo as an organization cheering CFK and Massa, as responsible as the president for the enormous transfer of income from the working class to the owners of the country.

ATE of the province of Buenos Aires published on social networks that “it supports and builds the national strike called by the Autonomous CTA for next June 16, with mobilizations and assemblies in different parts of the Buenos Aires territory and a large central march in CABA .” He did not convene a plenary session of delegates, he did not even send a circular, therefore, we do not even know if the strike has been notified in the PBA.

As if the state of the province had no reason to stop and fight!
Kicillof, achieved as Vidal could not, a regressive reform of the work regime. Ministry by ministry installed the 40-hour work regime, thus sweeping away a historical conquest like 30 hours.

But even with 40 hours and a bonus of 125% of the basic, the state salary is below the poverty line. Working more and getting paid less has been one of the governor’s triumphs. On the other hand, thousands of workers in extremely precarious employment situations are supported, to those hired and monotributistas are added the scholarship holders who, without rights, earn an average of $70,000 per month and those who receive a social plan such as Potenciar Trabajo. Work without rights is another of Kicillof’s cucardas.

At the same time, a policy of tightening those who go out to fight is developed, as we see in the property registry, who have been fighting for more than 100 days for the salary and retirement conditions of workers who have spent their entire careers as contract workers. , and the management has been taking measures to break the fight, such as putting into operation the biometric control to discount the day when actions are carried out on the street, the transfer of the work sector to the activists or a direct sanction for one of the workers she directs the assemblies and that it was ratified by his colleagues as a de facto delegate.

Or the workplace violence perpetrated against the thousands of state workers, with experience and work history in the State who are kept on the sidelines, without homework and even without an office, as we see in the Ministry of Community Development under the command of “Cuervo” Larroque, among others. Nothing to envy Vidal’s methods.
If this is the case, it is because the unions let each attack go by and supported the government by signing each lower parity. Reaching the height of not saying or doing anything in the face of the lack of implementation of the recategorizations discussed since January! ATE is part of the government of Axel Kicillof, they incorporated leaders of the Provincial Board of Directors as officials and are part of the governor’s entourage and his ministers in each activity.

But things are starting to change. In La Plata we saw it with the workers of the Property Registry who began their fight with the unions and after they signed a sectoral joint agreement that had been rejected by the assembly, they continued fighting as self-convened based on the assemblies. We see it with the Subway workers fighting for their health, against asbestos contamination and for the reduction of working hours. Like the teachers of various provinces and here in PBA where they carry out forceful measures voted in assemblies and endorsed by the Multicolor, while Baradel boycotts them.

And as shown by the mobilizations throughout the province of Jujuy, against the Morales reform, for wages that are not below the basic family basket and in defense of public health and education. The primary, secondary and tertiary, municipal, state teacher unions stop, the workers grouped in UATRE Ledesma, recovered from the hands of the union bureaucracy and the workers of the Provincial Road Administration (DPV) joined together with human rights organizations , social and political, the unemployed, the Indigenous Communities and the left.

From the Marrón Clasista in ATE we believe that we have to take the strike defined by ATE into our hands, holding assemblies in each workplace, stopping and mobilizing the 16 together with the teachers who will be on strike and mobilization for 48 hours (15 and 16 ), demanding a serious and united fight plan from ATE for all our claims.

Jujuy shows the way, with the struggle and popular mobilization a step forward was taken: the UCR withdrew its ‘proposal’ to limit the vote and give an automatic majority to the governor, now they propose to continue with the withdrawal of all the reactionary reform.

As in Jujuy, it is urgent to organize and coordinate to face the adjustment demanded by the IMF, which is being carried out by this government and which will deepen whoever governs from 2024.
That is why we have to recover the union as a fighting tool for the state workers. In the next ATE elections that will be held on August 9, from Multicolor we present ourselves at the national level, in Buenos Aires and in various provinces and districts of the country for an ATE independent of governments, democratic and fighting.


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