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  • The center of the political scene was occupied by a ring and above —piña goes, pineapple comes— are practically all the members of Together for Change (JxC) aligned some with Horacio Rodriguez Larreta and others with Patricia Bullruch.
  • What was the trigger what caused this guerra? Well, the proposal to incorporate Juan Schiarettithe governor and main leader of the Cordoba Peronism to JxC. An incorporation that is fired by Larreta, by the radical Gerardo Morales and by Elisa Carrion. It seems that the commitment which had been reached when everyone accepted the single application of Jorge Macri by the PRO in the Buenos aires city it was not enough to avoid a new crisis.
  • Mauricio Macri y Patricia Bullrich reject The incorporation of schiaretti. The governor of Córdoba says that we have to put together a “front of fronts” to be JxC Overcomer and the “hawks” say—with some reason—that this is inexplicable in the final stretch of the provincial elections on June 25 in which Louis Judge dispute the governorship against the Schiaretti’s candidate. In addition, they say that the “crowding” and Macri affirmed in Córdoba that “Schiaretti voted all the laws for the Frente de Todos”, as if he had Córdoba Peronism legislators —which were officials of all governmentswho were always quick to go “to the aid of the victor— they would not have voted all the laws to Macri.
  • Los political commentary professionals the tabs are burning to decipher What is Larreta looking for? with this move and also What is Schiaretti looking for?.
  • Perhaps in the latter case it is the umpteenth try of the Peronism of Córdoba, of the “cordobeism” —who modeled first José Manuel de la Sota and then Schiaretti— to look for a national projection. I remember when I lived in Córdoba and De la Sota failed over and over again in his attempts to nationalize his figure and his projectthere were bad people who ironized: “De la Sota wired Córdoba so well that not even he can leave.”
  • The reality is that power block that is behind cordobesismo (the agribusiness; las big auto based in the province; the Mediterranean Foundationthat center of propalation of the Cordovan bourgeoisie who now signed a Carlos Melconian to turn up the volume of your proposals; Arcor), all that power fraction maybe I have the enough strength to impose his project in the province (to be “hegemonic” in its own way), but it’s not enough to impose nationally without colliding with another block who has his gravity center in the Buenos Aires province. That is, the boundaries of the political figures of Cordoba are an expression of the boundaries of the social power block whom they represent.
  • Now, in JvC, what is being discussed in the background? Is it a matter of a mere bid for power between the different referents? Actually, it is discussed a scale: all the Government of Change was crossed by dilemma between conquer political volume to change the relationship of forces o change by means of an adjustment shock the relation of forces to conquer political volume. That balance was left open for him failure from Macri.
  • In concrete terms, this is expressed what to do with peronism: he macrismo plus taliban (Bullrich, Macri) consider that they did too many deals with Peronism and that this “stopped” its adjustment plan and the laretismo believes that the toughest macrismo closed a lot on himself and it did not achieve the political strength to make drinkable what they call a “reformist” plan that in fact is a counter-reformation plan (labour, tax, social security). those who inside the PRO come from one peronist tradition —many of them trained in the menemismdid not differ with fit yes or fit nobut they told Macri that to make the adjustment he had to win a strongest political allianceMore dense.
  • That is what is being discussed today, a debate that history did not resolve for the failure of Macri and that —once used mercy to help install agenda setting— now they say it more openly, but they do not have differences in ends, they have differences in means.
  • Now, eye, as well as the rightmost sector of JxC it is touched, it is confuses with the libertarian de Mileiare fraction over center with resembles the most right-wing sector of the Frente de Todos. Con proper names: Sergio Massa and Horacio Rodríguez Larreta (where we can add Morales, Schiaretti).
  • If it would be possible I would propose an exercise: lock them all in a room, give them a blank piece of paper and write there a summary of his government program. Then I would propose that they meet the seven differences between Massa and LarretaFor example.
  • Now there is something “good”, positive —if you want— that can also be removed as conclusion from all of this. And maybe it can sound a counterintuitivethat is to say, opposed to that common sense discourse that circulates in a large part of the political leadership and in part of journalism: the great drama of the political disintegration or fragmentation that everyone regrets.
  • And at political fragmentation se produce because they do not find volume and homogeneity to advance in an adjustment and because collide with the limits imposed by a relationship of forces that cannot drastically changeso welcome that political fragmentation. Worse would be to finish consolidating a neomenemism or one right with political volume that you can apply that roadmap successfully.
  • Of course contains the danger of messianic figures or providential leaders breaking in, as well as the possibility of proposing an alternative agenda to that of adjustment. In any case, that will be part of a dispute that will be settled not the terrain of analysisbut in the one of the political fight.
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