Around noon, Alejandra Arreguez, candidate for lieutenant governor and legislator for the Left Front and the Unity Workers, voted at the Capital Federal school in Villa Alem. After casting her vote, the left-wing candidate said: “It is public knowledge, we have also verified it with our prosecutors, that there are numerous irregularities and that the conditions for the popular will to be expressed are not guaranteed. There are schools that took more than two hours to open, in several schools our prosecutors are not allowed to fulfill their task. In places where we can control, we receive reports of at least 100 tables in the Capital and 500 in the interior that opened without our votes. In addition, there is a conspicuous lack of table presidents, who controls the authorities that are designated at the moment? We said it in this campaign and for years: the coupling system is fraudulent and it doesn’t work anymore “

Arreguez added: “Given these irregularities, we call on the working people to make an effort and go to vote, to take the vote from home or look for it patiently in the dark room. We do not have couplings, so it is mandatory that our ballots are separated at one end. We come from a great lung campaign, with a lot of sympathy and possibilities to make history, giving a strong message to the powerful”


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