Neighborhood assemblies began to reproduce. Neighbors, workers fired from state agencies of the nation and Buenos Aires, young people, impoverished merchants and working people in general took this form of organization to face the attack that the Milei government and its accomplices intend to give to those who live from their work.

The spontaneous reaction that began to organize in the first attacks by the government continues over time, spreading through squares and corners.

This Wednesday, there were hundreds of people who met in the more than 25 assemblies and cacerolazos that took place in different parts of the City against the DNU and the Milei Omnibus Law and the Caputo Paquetazo. Even, in some places, the force that is organizing this type of spaces allowed fear to be lost and some avenue lanes were cut off, defying the Bullrich Protocol.

While Milei and Caputo put the future of the people up for sale in Davos in the face of the most concentrated economic power and the government threatens to bring forward the vote in a Congress that is relentlessly screwing over the assemblies, it became vitally important to organize to prepare a mobilization on 24E that be the beginning of a fight plan to stop the adjustment.

This is how La Boca was earlier:

The Plaza Almagro Assembly started marching down Medrano Street:

“Strike, strike, strike. General strike,” they ask in Rivadavia and Medrano:

A message for the Protocol:

This is how different assemblies came together:


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