Spokesman Manuel Adorni announced this in his usual press conference. The strike is a legal measure, protected by the National Constitution itself. We must denounce and confront these pressures. It is necessary to strengthen the organization of the national strike, preparing a massive mobilization that is the beginning of a fight plan.

He Government confirmed that it will carry out an illegal attack against the constitutional right to strike. This Thursday, at a press conference, the spokesperson Manuel Adorni He indicated that the day will be deducted from state workers who join the strike that day.

Adorni indicated that “the decision has been made to deduct that day from those who go on strike, from national state employees who adhere to this measure.” In this framework, he added that “the salary is a consideration” and that “whoever does not work is reasonable that he does not earn.”

However, the strike is a right. And it is a constitutional right. That is to say, the discount what the government intends to impose It is a completely illegal measure. He article 14 Bis of the Constitution affirms: “The unions are guaranteed: conclude collective labor agreements; resort to conciliation and arbitration; the right to strike. Union representatives will enjoy the necessary guarantees for the fulfillment of their union management and those related to the stability of their employment”.

He Government threatens because it does not want the discontent that is beginning to grow to be expressed in the streets and to the extent of force. We must denounce and confront these pressures. We must guarantee the strong and massive organization of the strike in each workplace and in each neighborhood so that it is forceful. While The stronger the strike, the stronger the workers will be to face the attacks that the Government wants to download.

The Government has already announced that His adjustment plan is much broader and wilder. That he is willing to attack workers even more. If we don’t stop them now, they will come for much longer..

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