This Wednesday, Together for Change called a special session in the Chamber of Deputies to make changes to the Rental Lawfor which he had the help of the deputies of Juan Schiaretti and also Javier Milei’s block that gave a quorum. The right-wing opposition managed to impose the modification of articles of the law, to the detriment of tenants and in favor of large real estate companies; also with the collaboration of Peronism, which had 13 absent seats.

Javier Miley he starred in another one-minute mini-show for social networks. After sitting down with the deputies Victoria Villarroel y Carolina Píparo and allow the session to start; he stood up from his seat and left the venue for being against any type of regulation on the real estate business.

All the power for the real estate companies, no rights for the tenants, is the ideal of La Libertad Avanza. Although they did not fail to do them a favor, by allowing the session to begin where the law was finally modified. Among other contributions, now the rental price may increase every four months, the index with which it is calculated may be imposed by real estate agents, and the contract will last one year less. These and other modifications legitimize what is currently happening, that the new rents are offered in dollars.

The four deputies and deputies of the Left Front Unity They opposed these modifications that harm those who rent, who are the majority of the population.

The deputy and candidate for president Myriam Bregman He denounced: “I know that here it is full of large owners, who don’t even go to the supermarket. But the situation is dire. If before you arrived on the 20th, now you arrive on the 15th and it seems to them that, in addition to that, you are going to take away the possibility of spending three years in a home, shorten it to two. In addition to that, you are going to add that the rent is dollarized”.


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