Another devastating crime by the State of Israel. Now al-Shifa, the hospital located in the center of Gaza and the largest hospital center, which with the argument that the Hammas bases are located in its basements (something that the doctors and hospital workers themselves had been denying), attacked it at night (GTM time).

A doctor inside al-Shifa stated earlier that Israeli forces had intensified attacks around the hospital, forcing patients and health workers to move to the hallways for safety.

Shots could be heard inside the hospital, coming from the Zionist army.

In the afternoon the director and administrators of al-Shifa rejected Israel’s ultimatum to evacuate the hospital without an adequate procedure to ensure that patients will continue to receive the care on which their lives depend.

The director of the hospital, Mohamad Salmiya, said that there can be no evacuation unless it is carried out through a safe humanitarian corridor that protects health standards and takes into account the condition of the patients inside the hospital. “We cannot simply evacuate the hospital to the street. We would be dictating a death sentence for the patients”.

Hours later the army entered, shooting through the hallways and throwing smoke bombs that suffocated doctors, other health workers and patients. The State of Israel, led by Netanyahu’s government, crossed every line imaginable. Fierce proof of the genocide they are carrying out against the Palestinian people.

The Palestinian Minister of Health (member of the Palestinian National Authority -PNA-) declared after learning of this attack: “The Israeli occupation forces are committing a new crime against humanity, medical staff and patients by besieging and bombing the Al Shifa medical complex. We hold the Israeli occupation responsible for the lives of medical staff, patients and displaced people , and we warned of the disastrous consequences of storming the medical complex.”

Israel has the complicity and support of the main European powers and in particular the United States. In fact, it is this imperialist power – through its president Joe Biden – who gives the green light to Netanyahu to carry out these attacks. It does this with the same excuse of Zionism, the elimination or annulment of Hamas as a fighting force. But using that argument, the Israeli army already murdered 11,300 Palestinians, including more than 4,500 boys and girls, and forced more than a million people to move to the south (whose roads it also bombed). A true crime against humanity.

John Kirby, spokesman for President Joe Biden’s National Security Council, said that the hospital “has weapons stored there and is prepared to respond to an Israeli military operation against that facility,” confirming the US administration’s support for the attack.

But when asked by journalists, Kirby did not present any evidence to support his claim. Israel has claimed for years that Gaza has built key infrastructure of tunnels beneath the hospital, accusations that doctors have always vehemently denied.

It is not the first time that the United States cites “intelligence” sources to support an attack, the most resonant case was the alleged “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq to justify the invasion of that country, something that over the years has proven to be a lie from the White House.

A few days ago, The New York Times published an article showing that Israel’s accusations of alleged rockets launched from the Hospital in reality, after analyzing photographs and videos of the attacks, showed that some of the munitions were fired. by Israeli forces.


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