In a recent development in the crypto world, ZachXBT has indicated that it will not provide support to holders of the Complex (SIMPLE) memecoin. This decision comes after the developers of the memecoin, which runs on the Base blockchain, unexpectedly stopped their project on April 4.

Made a difficult decision to end the project

The Complex project team shared that after careful consideration and with heavy hearts, they have made the difficult decision to terminate the project. to end. The team explained the following:

“While this project has been a labor of love and a source of inspiration for our team, recent incidents of harassment have created an intolerable environment that impacts the mental well-being of our members.”

In the meantime, SIMPLE’s liquidity will remain frozen until a time to be determined, preventing users from selling their tokens. Since the announcement, SIMPLE has lost more than 90% of its value in 24 hours, leaving its market capitalization almost insignificant.

The main reason for discontinuation leads to user dissatisfaction

The reference to ‘mental health’ as ​​the main reason for stopping the project has led to a lot of dissatisfaction among users. One frustrated user expressed his displeasure: “What kind of nonsense is this? You haven’t even lasted a week and now you’re using mental health as an excuse.”

Meanwhile, angry investors are pinning their hopes on ZachXBT for help. However, ZachXBT, known for his investigative journalism within the blockchain sector, showed little sympathy for them requests. “No, I don’t care about your meme coins. Please stop asking. I have no desire to help people who voluntarily opt for vaporware memecoins,” Zach replied sharply.

Amid the controversy, another user showed a more poetic take on the situation, praising ZachXBT’s efforts in the crypto space: “You expose people, and they attack you; you don’t expose it, people attack you; God bless you, ZachXBT, this space wouldn’t be the same without you.”

It appears that the Complex memecoin project reached its end just days after its launch on March 30, despite a peak of 3,013 token holders. This incident coincides with a period in which memecoins have shown exceptionally high returns in the crypto bull market, with an average return of 1,312.6% among the top tokens as measured by market capitalization.


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