OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, the founder of Worldcoin, claims that the coin’s application currently has more daily users than the number of monthly users at the beginning of 2024. In total, Worldcoin’s World App now has 10 million users and is showing signs of stagnation is not yet the case.

In terms of price, Worldcoin still has some room to grow. The project currently has a market cap of $1.19 billion.

Global Basic Income

Worldcoin’s big goal is to generate a global basic income for everyone. Users can sign up by registering their identity in the company’s “World App”.

You do this by taking a scan of your iris with machines from the company they call “Orbs”.

Remco Bloemen, the head of blockchain at the Worldcoin Foundation, says that Worldcoin should ultimately not be the only application for the protocol.

“Our hope is that we can encourage others to develop wallets for the protocol, as users use the app for a variety of reasons,” Bloemen said.

Buy goats thanks to Worldcoin

One of the most remarkable applications for the World App is the story of a user in Kenya, who was able to buy 13 goats thanks to the Worldcoin airdrop.

By the way, the name of the goat in the above image is “Sam”, which means it is named after the founder of Worldcoin.

Sam Altman is also the co-founder and current CEO of OpenAI, the company behind the popular ChatGPT. That application is seen by many as the most important application in the field of artificial intelligence at the moment.

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