Workers watch Olympics at work

One in ten office workers will watch some of the Beijing 2008 Olympics while they are at work, according to a recent survey.

Younger workers have the most interest in watching the games while on the clock with sixteen percent of workers aged 18-24 say they will catch some part of the Olympics while working.

Coverage of the games is available on a host of websites, some more legal than others, and they are expected to be a huge productivity problem for businesses.

13 percent of workers aged 25-34, 11 percent of workers in both age groups 35-44 and 45-54, and 9 percent of workers 55 and older will also be logging on to online streaming.

The survey of over 7,000 people also asked in which of the Summer Olympic sports they would most want to compete and win a gold medal, with swimming coming first. 

Which event people wan to compete in:

Swimming (37 percent)

Baseball/Softball (29 percent)

Gymnastics (26 percent)

Track and Field (23 percent)

Volleyball (23 percent)

Cycling (20 percent)

Basketball (19 percent)

Soccer (19 percent)

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