Under IMF mandates, businessmen increased their profits and income share at the cost of a drop in the wage share, according to a study by the Institute for Public Thought and Policy. They were left with US$20.250 million more, the equivalent of US$1,100 per employee. In the video broadcast on social networks, Lucía Ortega explains how this situation came to be.

This March 25 marks one year since the board of directors of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) approved the Extended Facilities agreement with Argentina, which made it possible to a large extent to validate the fraudulent Macrista debt with the organization for US$ 45,000 million.

Since then, the distribution of income (of all the wealth generated in the country by work) has continued to worsen in a regressive manner, that is, against the workers and in favor of the employers. The result: a historic transfer of US$ 20,250 million from the first to the second between the first and third quarters of that year, according to the study carried out by the Institute of Thought and Public Policies led by economists Claudio Lozano and Ana Rameri. .

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The Frente de Todos assured that it was possible to renegotiate the fraudulent foreign debt with private funds and restructure the macrismo agreement with the IMF and that with this it would end the adjustment and improve the situation of the working class. Once again, its impossibility was demonstrated, because under these conditions the only priority is to ensure business profitability and that goes against the interests of the working people.

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