Airplane turbine at a GE factory in Indiana, United States. Photo: Alwyn Scott – 29.mar.2017/Reuters

According to a report by Folha de S. Paulo, the United States sees Brazil as a possible route for China to appropriate alleged “industrial secrets”. The two countries compete in areas such as aviation and artificial intelligence and Americans fear that the East will become the main economy in the world in the near future.

The assessment that Brazil can “serve as a spy” would be from members of the US government. The country has operations of many US companies that use cutting-edge technologies, as well as companies from China. A representative of the American government told Folha, on condition of anonymity, that he considers that Brazil has rules to prevent the problem, but the measures are not applied in practice.

Brazil is a member of the 1995 Trips agreement, signed within the scope of the World Trade Organization (WTO), which provides for ways to protect copyright, such as industrial designs, patents and sensitive company information. Another point raised by the representative is that the laws that punish the theft of trade secrets in Brazil are considered lenient: the penalty for the crime is up to one year in prison.

The presidents of China, Xi Jinping, and of the United States, Joe Biden. Photo: reproduction
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