The National Representative and former candidate for president for the Left Unity Front, Myriam Bregman, was interviewed by @c5n from the march for the day of fight against Violence against women.

Some of his definitions in the interview:

“Each November 25 in the world and in our countryWith the weight and importance of the women’s movement, we mobilize against sexist violence. It’s a day of fight against gender violence. In a country where there is almost one death per day As a result of sexist violence, this mobilization is very important. It brings together many women, groups that always defend the rights of diversity.”

“This year in a very particular context, because A political party that has a lot of patriarchal reaction has just won the presidency of the nation, whose leaders boast about the attack on women’s rights. And beyond that, the adjustment policies that they propose, that they have been announcing, are going to especially affect women. So the challenge that we and our group Pan y Rosas have, as we understand it, is very particular. Women have been at the forefront every time there have been struggles in our country. Even during the dictatorship, women were a reference with Mothers, with Grandmothers.. This challenge is presented again, not only to defend our rights, the rights that we conquered in the streets, but also to surround with solidarity all those who want to attack.”

They were saying that they are going to attack gender policies. We are going to defend the right to abortion that we won in the streets and what we do in the streets is very important.. And also in Congress. Freedom Advances does not have a majority, meaning that without sellouts and traitors it cannot pass any of the measures it announces. So we have to start putting the focus there, because the truth is that I see many already taking the leap, overdoing it. That is a problem because they give them the necessary majorities to pass the adjustment laws they want in the National Congress.”

“We have to be organized, we have to be mobilized. And as he told you before Women have to show that it is always possiblethat with fight and organization we are unstoppable.”

“The right to abortion was achieved from the street, it did not come from the premises. It was built with years of fights in the street, that is why transversal agreements were built in the premises. We think it is a great example of how it was conquered. By decree they cannot do it, the rights are not plebiscitated, it is a criminal matter. The only way would be to repeal a law. If no one turns around there is no danger because they do not have a majority. That’s why I insist a lot on this. Organized, mobilized and marking from now on that we are going to defend it and that just as we faced the dinosaurs, at that moment they told us ‘they won’t be able to, they have everything against’. Well, we were able to overcome that resistance and I think that now with the same force we have to defend our rights but not only the right to abortion, not only gender policies, Women have to be at the forefront of the defense against layoffs and against any type of attack”.



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