Nicolás del Caño, Myriam Bregman, Alejandro Vilca and Christian Castillo in the plenary session of Commissions that is discussing the Omnibus Law

The national deputies of the Left Front, Myriam Bregman, Nicolas del Caño, Christian “Chipi” Castillo and Alejandro Vilca, They denounced not only the content but also the antidemocratic forms that the ruling party carries out to impose the reform of 664 articles: They maintained that: “The corrupt forms of the Government have to do with a reactionary content, with which they want the sum of public power.”

– “More than an omnibus law, it is a ghost train”

On the first day of the plenary session of commissions of the Chamber of Deputies, which began this Tuesday, the Minister of Justice, Mariano Cúneo Libarona, the deputy chief of staff, José Rolandi and the attorney Rodolfo Barra attended to “answer” the questions of the legislators . The president of the Unity Left Front bloc, Myriam Bregman, She was one of the first to speak and pointed out against the Milei government, she harshly criticized the imposition of an express treatment for the Omnibus Law that the ruling party seeks and anticipated that her bloc will reject the initiative that the Executive Branch sent to the National Congress.

“We are not discussing a law, but a set of laws that modify everything from the National Constitution, international treaties signed by our country, to multiple laws and decrees in force,” said Bregman and highlighted that “much more needs to be clarified than the operation of this treatment”.

“Form and content have a relationship. The way of attacking, of preventing the word, of going to the television channels to ask for ‘a shot’ for the deputies of the Left Front, in a country where the bullet existed for protesters like Darío Santillán, murdered with one of those bullets that Congressman Espert asks for, today are rewarded with caste privileges, of sitting there,” denounced the left-wing reference in relation to the appointment of the far-right deputy as president of the Commission of Budget and Treasury, central to the treatment of the Omnibus Law that Javier Milei sent to the National Congress.

– “They want to consolidate an autocracy”

At your turn, Chip Castle He maintained: “Here the government tries to bulldoze the interests of the workers, the popular sectors, the middle classes. A bulldozer that is already beginning to have an effect, because in one month there was the largest drop in salary at the national level: 13.8% purchasing loss in just one month. And that is because they devalued, it is because they released the price of fuel, of food, and all of that had an impact on supposedly depressing prices minus one: that of salaries and pensions.”

“Between the DNU and the delegated powers, they are asking to establish an autocracy. An autocracy where, if the limit proposed by deputies like Lospenato were met, for one year and one more extendable year, the President could decide whether or not to increase retirees by one month, modify the entire pension system, modify security provisions interior and defense, privatize 41 state companies that have more than ninety thousand workers, firing those who want.

He ended by underlining: “We are going to recover the word freedom for the working class, for the people and not for those who want to impose authoritarian neoliberalism against popular interests.

-“Women have to be aware that this law affects us especially”

Myriam Bregman He questioned the far-right Rodolfo Barra, defender of anti-rights organizations and, now, Attorney General of the National Treasury.

“It is up to the Attorney General, who has been active in defense of self-proclaimed ‘pro-life’ organizations, to which we call ‘anti-rights’, to explain to us what other measures they are thinking in this regard, because already in the seventh title of the law, called ‘Human Capital’, the Thousand Days Law, the Micaela Law, the Family Allowances law are reformed; the female quota is eliminated with the electoral reform, and other modifications harm workers in private homes. That is to say, this omnibus Law, in conjunction with the DNU, attacks rights for which we have fought, we have taken to the streets and we have fought a lot, so I want to know, since the attorney general is here, what other measures are they thinking,” he explained. the FITU deputy.

-“The right to demonstrate is inalienable”

This is how he expressed it Chip Castle when he questioned the Minister of Justice, Cúneo Libarona. “The minister says that every person who blocks the street is committing a crime, meaning that he is a criminal. That is not like that,” said the deputy and added that “I have participated in hundreds, I would say thousands of cuts since I was 13 years old during the end of the dictatorship, and I do not have any criminal proceedings.” He gave several examples about the demonstrations, which were even carried out by officials of this government when they were in opposition. He highlighted that when Javier Milei took office, the adherents of the president-elect blocked the streets “and that is not a crime, it is the elementary exercise, basic to the right to demonstrate.” The left-wing deputy concluded by maintaining that whoever votes for these measures against social protest “will be complicit in establishing a police state in Argentina.”

-“We are not going to allow Patricia Bullrich’s police state”

Myriam Bregman He also confronted the Minister of Security who intends to criminalize social protest. “It seems to me that this discussion is called ‘how do we shield the adjustment’, because there is no adjustment that goes without repression”, he assured. Furthermore, he warned: “When people rebel there is no bully, bully, bully or bully to stop them.” Bregman continued: “In that framework, and beyond your well-known ideological reversal, I want to ask you if you seriously think that with the protocol and with this reform of the Penal Code you can achieve what the military dictatorship did not achieve. The military dictatorship did not achieve it. of Onganía, that of ’76 did not succeed, because our people always demonstrated. In fact, our country is famous in the world for those ‘crazy people in the square’ who went and go to demonstrate every Thursday, and continue to go to demonstrate. What Did the dictatorship tell him at that time? ‘Circulate, circulate’. That’s when the circle was born.”

-“Bullrich persecutes protesters, he did not talk about drug trafficking or trafficking networks”

This was expressed by the PTS deputy in the Left Front, Myriam Bregman, since the cacerolazo for Culture that took place in front of the National Congress last Wednesday, referring to Bullrich’s intervention in the debate over the Omnibus Law.

-Espert intends to censor the left

Nicolás del Caño He confronted José Luis Espert on one of the days of the debate, after the right-winger repeatedly decided to cut off his microphone: “shut your mouth,” and added, “What are you going to ask for in prison or a bullet? ”. “This is not Twitter”the FIT representative remarked, denouncing the censorship that the deputy allied with La Libertad Avanza intended to impose, once again.

-“They want to hand over our natural common goods to multinationals”

This is how he expressed it Alejandro Vilca during the second day. The Jujeño deputy questioned the officials present regarding the modifications that the text imposes on the territory, the environmental issue and common natural resources, which are being attacked by Milei and its omnibus Law.

He denounced Javier Milei’s denialism about climate change and stressed that among other modifications proposed by the Omnibus Law, it gives “free rein to the clearing of protected areas of native forests.”

-“What is good for private capital is bad for the social interest”

Chip Castle He confronted Eduardo Rodríguez Chirillo, Secretary of Energy, and questioned the entire policy of the extreme right on this issue, starting with the inconsistency between talking about energy transition and maintaining that climate change has nothing to do with human action and that this is a “socialist lie,” as Milei said repeatedly during the election campaign.

-“You have a double ideological and economic conditioning”

Thus he confronted Myriam Bregman to the Secretaries of Education Carlos Torrendell and of Children and Youth, Pablo de la Torre, who seek to hide the ideological and privatization impositions of the Omnibus Law. The left-wing deputy also referred to the attack on culture that the government intends to carry out with the modifications to current laws. “Why so much anger towards national cinema, do the platforms ask so much of them? They ask for the law of the book, they ask for more, how much more do they want to give to foreign capital? Now later we are going to discuss personal property, they give you everything, this too, culture is fundamental for our society that is why the street is defended.”

-“They emphasize the evaluation of teachers and not of the Ministers of Economy”

Chip Castle, university professor and active defender of public education, also questioned the Secretary of Education, Carlos Torrendel.

“Educational performance is directly linked to the living conditions of the population. It can never be claimed that school results are only the result of what happens in the classroom. For every point that is lowered in poverty rates, improves education.”

“The freedom of monopolies, which is what you promote, does not lead to equality and we were seeing it. If I have to sort through the garbage to be able to eat, I do not have the same opportunities as someone who has a fortune that cannot be spent.” not even in 70 years,” he added, addressing Carlos Torrendel, Secretary of Education.

-“They benefit the richest and support seven million retirees”

Nicolás del Caño He referred to the government measures that attack mobility and retirement benefits, in addition to touching ANSES funds. “We knew that they were going to harm retirees and they always adjust the weakest.”

“Government after government is considering suspending or changing retirement mobility. And we opposed both the modification made by the Macri government and the one made by Alberto’s government, because we knew they were going to harm retirees.”

“Now President Milei proposes this delegated power to make increases by decree. In the first month of government, the minimum retirement has been frozen for millions of retirees. They benefit the 10,000 richest people in the country with the reduction of assets “They adjust 7 million retirees and ask for delegated powers to continue looting those who have worked all their lives.”

-“Why, if the privatizations in the ’90s were a disaster, do they now want to repeat it?”

Chip Castle He questioned the Secretary of Infrastructure Guillermo Ferraro who maintained that he believes in private investment to modernize infrastructure “The evidence denies this. The countries that are going to modernize their infrastructure do so through state, capitalist spending and we would do it in a socialist society. “All resources would be allocated based on social needs and not on the profits of monopolies as the supposed engine of development,” the left-wing deputy refuted.

-“They presented a festival of benefits for those who looted the country”

Nicolás del Caño He also questioned Ferraro regarding the infrastructure plan because it favors the interests of large investors and harms those who have less.


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