“The president is going to have the Omnibus law approved” were the words of Emilio Monzó, one of the deputies who make up the bloc “We make a Federal Coalition” led by Miguel Angel Pichetto. He assured that in the Lower House he will have “between 140 and 150 votes in favor.” In the first treatment in February, the overall approval obtained 144 votes in favor. Where does that number come from if the La Libertad Avanza bloc barely has 38 deputies of its own?

The treatment is going to begin in the Chamber of Deputies, and there is a wide range of blocks that are being offered to guarantee its approval. After the government’s failure in February, they resumed negotiations to make modifications that include more attacks on workers and retirees to a bill that was born with a crude pro-rich and big business bias. In the draft that the government began to circulate, they included the elimination of the retirement moratorium, the restitution of the salary tax, increases for monotributistas, at the same time that they maintain tax reductions for large businessmen and a reward for those who evaded and have their millions hidden. in some tax haven.

For a start, pro guarantees the total of its 38 deputies. There are not many surprises, it is a bloc that is practically co-governing with La Libertad Avanza. Some of its best-known members are: Christian Ritondo, Maria Eugenia Vidal, Silvia Lospennato, Alexander Finocchiaro, Fernando Churches, Hernan Lombardi among others. They also contribute 3 other deputies from similar blocks: 2 from San Juan and 1 from Tucuman.

On the side of the UCR They are making more and more progress in associating with the government and giving it the governance that the IMF is demanding so much. They are the most insistent on incorporating into the omnibus law the labour reform which was included in DNU 70/2023 but is being held up in court. To the point that they offered to draft the text themselves, which includes: making it cheaper and easier to fire, extending the trial period, tax cuts for employers, and even an attack on the right to strike for teachers.

The radicals have a bloc of 34 deputies, and the majority is willing to give their positive vote. At the head are the people from Cordoba Rodrigo de Loredothe Mendoza Julio Cobosthe porteño Martin Tetaz, Karina Banfi and Fabio Quetglas from the province of Buenos Aires, Pablo Cervi from Neuquén. Many of them were part of the “department” that met at Casa Rosada with senior government officials to finalize details of the text that will be debated again. Another of the deputies who is counted among the collaborators is Danya Tavela (province of Buenos Aires) who responds directly to Emiliano Yacobittireference of the university group “Purple Strip” and current vice-rector of the UBA. Tavela already gave his affirmative vote in February for the general approval of the law. It is estimated that no more than 7 deputies could be among those who do not accompany her. There may even be fewer “waywards”: in February only 2 voted negatively in general approval (Manes and Juliano).

Milei’s other partners are in the block led by Miguel Angel Pichetto, We make Federal Coalition. This grouping already contributed a representative to La Libertad Avanza who crossed sides: the missionary Florencia Klipauka. Of those who remained, they are collaborating for approval, in addition to its president who is one of the most enthusiastic: Emilio Monzo, Nicolás Massot, Florencio Randazzo, the people of Cordoba who respond to Governor Llaryora, and “the lilitos” of the Civic Coalition. Of this diverse space, until now, the Socialist Party of Santa Fe, Margarita Stolbizer, and Natalia de la Sota from Córdoba have been leaning toward rejection.

He peronism is not far behind in supporting Javier Milei’s parliamentary plan. All 3 have already been sold tucumans former Union for the Homeland, who respond to Governor Jaldo. Are Agustín Fernández, Gladys Medina and Elia Fernández, who stood firm with the libertarians in each of the votes in general and in particular in the first treatment of the law. In this new round There are suspicions about the Catamarca deputies who make up Unión por la Patria, and new pancakes cannot be ruled out. The governor of that province, Raúl Jalil, began to build bridges and negotiate with La Libertad Avanza. In the Lower House it has 4 deputies (Fernanda Ávila, Silvana Ginocchio, Dante López Rodríguez and Sebastián Nóblega). in the senate, the ruling party is also in search of more will within Unión por la Patria. An option that they could consider there to achieve approval is that some senators from Unión por la Patria are absent. The provinces targeted for this maneuver are, in addition to Tucumán and Catamarca, Santiago del Estero (governed by Gerardo Zamora).

But the people of Tucumán were not the only ones who jumped from Unión por la Patria (elected with that ballot) to other friendly blocks of La Libertad Avanza. Previously, there was the case of the 3 Salteños who respond to Governor Gustavo Saénz, very close to Sergio Massa. They are Pamela Caletti, Pablo Outes and Yolanda Vega who put together, with other provinces, the block “Federal Innovation” who contributed all their votes for general approval in February. Its members respond to other governors close to the former candidate for president of Unión por la Patria: Hugo Passalacqua (Misiones), Alberto Weretilneck (Rio Negro) and Rolo Figueroa (Neuquen).

It is necessary prepare again the fight against this attack. We must prepare a great mobilization for the day the Law is discussed and demand that the CGT and the CTA call for a national strike and hold a great day of struggle. The deputies of the Left Unity Front will once again denounce and confront it on the premises, as they already did in February. And they will be, as then, in the mobilizations in the streets that aim to defeat this new attempt.

Below is the complete list of all the deputies who have already given their positive vote for the general approval of the omnibus law in February

PRO and other allied blocks






Source: www.laizquierdadiario.com

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