The women who took to the streets on March 8, who organized independently of governments, businessmen, the Church and together with the workers, want to make ourselves heard loudly next Friday, March 24, together with the Truth and Justice Memory Meeting. You, who did not miss International Women’s Day, cannot miss this new anniversary of the genocidal coup either..

On March 8, we took to the streets and, in addition to denouncing the sexist violence that is perpetuated without the State taking any measure that at least serves as a palliative and much less prevents it from ending in femicides, we also repudiate the consequences of the adjustment that is required the IMF and applies the Frente de Todos government with the endorsement of the right-wing opposition.

“The debt is with us” we said in the streets, but it is also “against us”, because the adjustments, the budget cuts, the removal of welfare plans, added to inflation and price increases, hit the lives of millions of working and poor women, many of whom are heads of household.

That’s why, We have an unavoidable appointment this March 24: because that debt that increased immeasurably during the Macri government and that the Alberto Fernández government is guaranteeing, paying punctually, originated in the bloody military dictatorship of Videla. And none of the governments of the last 40 years dared to ignore this illegitimate and fraudulent debt, watered with the blood of the 30,000 disappeared compañeras and compañeros. Quite the opposite.

That’s why bread and roses invites you to mobilize, as every year, together with our fellow deputies and prominent leaders in the fight against impunity, Myriam Bregman and Alejandrina Barry, from the PTS-Left Front, accompanying the Meeting Memory, Truth and Justice.

Because it was the soldiers, but also the businessmen who, like the Macri Group, became rich with the dictatorship. Because the same ones who nationalized their private debt, increasing the external debt that we are still paying, are some of the businessmen who “shoveled it away” during the Kirchner governments, those who continue to benefit from subsidies, special dollar contributions and other perks of the hand of the super minister Sergio Massa, chosen by Alberto and Cristina. Because they are the ones who, on top of that, evade taxes and flee their profits to tax havens, but ask for a stronger hand to repress those who mobilize and fight for their right not to starve.

Because it is necessary to unmask the politicians who are even more servile to that business caste, like Milei, who wants to convince the youth that there was no genocide here, while making electoral alliances with Bussi, in Tucumán, the son of one of those responsible for that genocide that vindicates State terrorism and a strong hand. Milei has to hide the fact that it was necessary to exterminate a generation to impose the same economic program that he proposes to repeat and deepen, sinking the working and poor people.

And we also mobilized to denounce that the hierarchy of the Church was complicit in the dictatorship. The same institution that opposed free public education, divorce, shared parental authority, equal marriage, comprehensive sexual education and the legalization of abortion. But while they oppose all the rights that we conquered in the streets, they have no remorse for continuing to receive the large state financing that the military dictatorship granted them, with a decree of General Videla and that no government has repealed, until now.

I came with bread and roses and the PTS-Left Front. we will march with him Meeting Memory, Truth and Justice

  • Against the impunity of yesterday and today, for trial and punishment of all the military, civil and ecclesiastical leaders of the last dictatorship and the repression and criminalization of social protest today.
  • No to the IMF, no to the payment of the external debt.
  • Down with the coup government of Dina Boluarte in Peru.
  • Separation of the Church from the State.
  • Opening of the archives of the dictatorship.

    Next Friday, we will shout again that we do not forget, we do not forgive and we do not reconcile, at 12:00 pm in Congress to go to Plaza de Mayo in the City of Buenos Aires and in all the calls in the country.

    In the City of Buenos Aires, at the end, bread and roses and the Youth of the PTS will march towards the French embassy, ​​in support of the youth who, together with the French working class, are fighting in the streets against Macron’s pension reform, facing brutal police repression. In internationalist solidarity and for the freedom of all the detainees, including our comrade Leó Valadim, from the youth group Le Poing Levé – Révolution Permanente.

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