Around 10:30 a.m., one of the first activities of Nicolás del Caño began, after his arrival in Jujuy. At the Socialist Workers Party premises, he gave a press conference together with the local candidates: Alejandro Vilca, candidate for national senator, Natalia Morales, candidate for national deputy, and Gastón Remy, candidate for Parlasur.

At the beginning, Del Caño stated: “My compañeros and compañeras have been waging a very important fight together with all the working people, the original communities here in Jujuy against this institutional reform that Gerardo Morales has approved with the support of the PJ. He was shown that the left is the only force that opposes this regime, and that it has been in the streets ”.

“We have the challenge in this election that our comrade Alejandro Vilca is the first senator from the left and that our comrade Natalia Morales also enters the National Congress. It is a huge challenge in the face of all the candidates who in one way or another have supported this reform of Gerardo Morales, both the PJ and Sergio Massa, who is a historical ally of Morales, as well as Javier Milei who supported the reform and called for more repression, and also have on their lists candidates who until recently were part of Rubén Rivarola’s space in the PJ,” he assured when asked about expectations for these elections.

And he added: “Our perspective in these elections is to be able to strengthen ourselves at the national level, take the example of the struggle of Jujuy and the role of the left is fundamental. In many places we are recognized for having been the only force that was with the people laying the body. My partner Natalia Morales was brutally detained, and Alejandro Vilca explained in that Convention why we were not going to support or endorse the handing over of our natural common goods such as lithium, because we were going to be next to the teachers, the teachers, I think that this has strengthened the Left Front throughout the country.”

“With Myriam Bregman, our pre-candidate for president, we see it in every tour we take, in every talk with laburantes, with young people from all over the country. The truth is that this fight has generated great expectations because the problem of low wages and precarious work is something that all working people suffer from, which is why it has generated great sympathy for the people to lose their fear and rise up as they did in Jujuy,” he stated before speaking to the candidate for national senator Alejandro Vilca.

In turn, Vilca said “to all those who today are dissatisfied with those who have been ruling these last eight years, with the reform, with the accomplices who have been ruling for the rich, for the powerful, I want to tell you that we share the anger and disappointment. And that we believe that the greatest punishment for those political sectors is to vote and strengthen the Left Front, the only consistent force, that we were always on the side of the working people. Denouncing all the abuses, the injustices that we suffer day by day”.

“We must state that Jujuy has a way out, they have transformed us into a rich province with poor workers, where they are plundering very important resources such as lithium that today is taken by multinationals. We believe that it is necessary to nationalize, that it return to the control of the working people, of the original communities. Establishing a salary that covers the cost of the family basket, we cannot allow more workers to be below the poverty line. We must generate genuine sources of work, we propose the distribution of working hours to create new jobs. We also believe that the political caste must be put an end to, which is why we propose that every senator, deputy, official or judge has to earn the same as a worker” Vilca stated about the proposals of the Left Front.

To conclude, the current national deputy Alejandro Vilca, in line with what Del Caño expressed, assured that: “We have the challenge with my partner Natalia Morales, with Myriam Bregman our pre-candidate for president, with Nicolás del Caño, to continue bringing the voice of the people of Jujuy to Congress, and also the challenge of reaching the Senate.”


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