The Deputy for the PTS-FITU, Nicolás Del Cañostated that “As we have been maintaining, the priority of this Government is not the retirees, nor the blocks that have been collaborating either in preventing the DNU from falling in the Chamber of Deputies or with the treatment of the omnibus law . Retirees are not a priority but the priority is paying the debt to the Monetary Fundto benefit the large economic groups“.

Likewise, Del Caño added that “I think that The fundamental thing is to recompose the assets and ensure that no retiree earns less than what a basic basket costs, which is what is calculated by the Ombudsman’s Office for the Elderly of the City of Buenos Aires. That is why today we have presented our opinion focusing on this, and from there on mobility, taking into account that the Budget Committee has not given rise to its treatment.” In this sense, he emphasized that “We reject and We repudiate the attitude of Espert and Libertad Avanza that while Congress is functioning they continue to govern by decree. By decree Milei confirms and tries to consolidate indigence retirements product of the policy that all governments have had”.

For his part, the deputy Christian Castillo (PTS-FITU) He also stated that “It’s not that there are no resources. so that retirees and pensioners earn well. It is not that the wealth generated by society is not enough so that they can cover at least the basic basket of older people and then win proportionally. The problem is where that wealth is concentrated: it is in the economic schemes that make the elderly pay the costs of a few keeping the share of León.”

Furthermore, he stated that the regime seeks reverse responsibilities. “The evasion of capitalists is treated differently, how they are rewarded with money laundering and a government comes, another government and another government, They reward the evasion of capital, and how they try to install in the population those who were defrauded by their employers who does not make employer contributions, or who had them unregistered, It’s who is to blame“. “Look how the situation is reversed. The big businessman, the capitalist, is rewarded, and the worker is punished,” Castillo said.

Next, the complete opinion of the Left Front presented to the Commission:

Opinion Nicolas Del Caño M… by La Izquierda Diario


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