Tech billionaire Elon Musk wants to make new users pay to tweet. In this way he hopes to tackle the spam problem on his microblogging platform X. However, not everyone believes this will stem the tide of spam bots promoting crypto scams.

Paywall for Twitter

On April 15, Musk responded to a message from the X Daily News account about testing one new policy against spam. He said: “Unfortunately, a small fee for new users to post is the only way to combat the ongoing spam attack.” Tools like CAPTCHA are “easily” circumvented by modern AI and “troll factories,” according to Musk.

Musk has been battling spam bots since he acquired Twitter in a $44 billion deal in October 2022. He says the fake accounts “are also eating up the available name space, leaving many good usernames occupied.”

A similar policy was introduced on a trial basis in New Zealand and the Philippines in October. The “No-Spam-Bot” subscription method required new users in those two countries to pay $1 to access additional features.

“This won’t stop spam bots completely, but it will make it 1,000 times harder to manipulate the platform,” Musk said at the time.

Verified accounts on X

However, many people think that the new fees will not stop spam bots. Blockchain detective ZachXBT was among those who disagreed with the method. He said: “There are hundreds of verified scammer accounts every week that scammers pay thousands of dollars for.” He included a screenshot of a dubious verified Wormhole X account promoting fake airdrop links.

“There’s a whole black market for these types of accounts,” he continued. “Plus, this will kill new user growth.”

Roxo, member of the Meta Mint team, said: “The problem has nothing to do with creating new accounts, but with the fact that X employees are useless at deleting fake accounts.” He added that most spam bots and scammer accounts were created years ago.

In late March, Musk said that accounts with 2,500 verified subscribers as followers will no longer have to pay for “Premium” features. However, the ability to purchase verification status on the platform may have opened the door for scammers.

Earlier this month announced X said it was launching a “significant, proactive initiative” to remove accounts that violate our rules against platform manipulation and spam.

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