Yolanda Díaz celebrated this Saturday the Sumar agreement with the rest of the formations of the entire left. “We are going to win the general elections”, he said in a statement in Madrid, after his team reached an agreement on Friday for the unity of the left, which will include Podemos, Izquierda Unida, Más Madrid, Compromís and the comuns, among other formations. “We are going to show that resignation and cynicism can be broken,” she promised.

The starting positions in the Sumar lists: the distribution by parties in each province for 23J


“You asked us for an agreement and we have achieved it”, began the second vice president, accompanied by the campaign spokesperson, Ernest Urtasun, and some of the coordinators of the working groups of the listening process that the Díaz platform began a while ago. year, when he launched his own political project. At the unveiling of the coalition deal, a no-questions-asked statement, there has been no stage presence from any of the dozen or so political parties that have sealed the deal. Among the public there were some names that the vice president has counted on to launch her project, such as the deputy of Podemos Txema Guijarro, the MEP María Eugenia Rodríguez Palop or the coordinator of Podemos in Madrid, Jesús Santos.

The second vice president thanked all the political groups that have decided to join Sumar and that have “lived up”. “They have done their best to understand that Spain wanted us to shake hands. Political formations that want to add from the north to the south, from the east and to the west. Thanks to these political formations”, greeted the leader of the recently launched coalition with which they hope to mobilize the disenchanted left-wing electorate. That is why she has targeted the undecided: “It is normal for there to be people who doubt, who do not trust. Those who doubt and are afraid and do not trust have reasons that we must listen to and answers that we have to offer”. “We are going to do it, we are going to address those who doubt, those who are afraid and those who do not trust. And we are not going to fail them, ”she promised.

That has been one of the main axes of the minister’s speech this Saturday. “I am not going to ask anyone to vote for us out of fear. I ask that you vote for us with hope. These elections are not about the past four years, they are about the next eight years. Of the future of the country, of our sons and daughters. That is what I have done the most these four years: think about the future ”, she has affirmed. “We have reached a great pact for hope. It is what allows us to continue walking. Sumar has not come to agitate fear, to agitate panic”, Díaz said.

The vice president has linked that illusion with the image of the agreement. “We are excited when so many formations shake hands, when you asked us for an agreement and we bring you an agreement. Dialogue and agreement, always walking together. Today we add more than yesterday ”, she said to celebrate a pact of left-wing parties that her spokesperson has described as “the broadest in the entire history of democracy”.

Podemos insists that the veto on Montero be withdrawn

To achieve this pact of more than fifteen parties, the negotiating teams of all the forces have held intense days of negotiations for just ten days, the period that the electoral advance left all the space of the left to reach an agreement under the acronym of the second vice president project The talks reached a peak of tension this week with Podemos, when Sumar began to consider the presence of the Minister for Equality, Irene Montero, as an obstacle to unity.

Podemos finally signed the agreement, although it stated that it was not willing to admit any type of “veto”, and in fact they propose to continue negotiating this point until the lists close, which concludes in ten days.

The parties have signed the agreement for the unity of the entire left and the negotiating teams have already registered the future coalition with the Central Electoral Board, which will bear the word Sumar on its logo and an image with the face of Yolanda Díaz. The second vice president’s project reserves a dozen starting positions to place independent professionals and deputies who were on the Podemos lists in the last legislature.

“We think that not including Irene, the Minister of Equality who has taken feminist advances in our country further than anyone before, is not only an unfair decision, but also a political and electoral error,” wrote the party’s general secretary. , Ione Belarra, in a letter to those registered. This morning, in statements to the media, the party’s Organization secretary, Lilith Verstrynge, has insisted that they are going to ask Sumar to rectify in the coming days.

That possibility is not on the table for the second vice president’s team, which denies that vetoes have been imposed and associates the exclusion of Montero from the lists with the complexity of negotiations with fifteen political forces. This Friday, before registering the coalition, all the parties had to sign as part of the agreement the names and surnames of each of the members of the assigned starting positions, and that part also bears the signature of those from Belarra, Therefore, in Sumar they understand that, despite the pressure that Podemos may apply in the coming days to include the ‘number two’ of the party on the lists, that issue is settled.

Belarra, in the letter to the bases, affirmed that this matter had been raised in the form of an ultimatum. “We have been threatened that, if we do not accept these conditions, we would be excluded from the electoral coalition, as has already happened in Andalusia. This is a decision that cannot be reversed later. For this reason, the Coordination Council has agreed this afternoon to sign the electoral coalition with Sumar without an agreement, reiterate that the veto against Irene Montero is a mistake and must be lifted, as well as urge Yolanda Díaz’s team to continue negotiating during the next week until the presentation of the lists”, says Belarra in his message.

None of that has been present in the vice president’s speech this Saturday. She has thanked the political formations but has claimed that Sumar is “thousands of people” who have joined the project in these months. Díaz’s project wants to represent this citizen leg with the placement of a quota of independents on the lists. “We have reached this agreement because politics has to stop being a problem for ordinary people,” said the leader of Sumar, which has closed: “Today we added more than yesterday. But we are not done. The important thing is outside, you have to add people from the neighborhoods, from rural areas, add more and better”.


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