The far-right party Vox has reiterated the words of its leader, Santiago Abascal, and has opened up this Sunday to support an investiture of Feijóo without entering the Government to prevent Sánchez from being president again. “We will not be an obstacle to avoid a government of national destruction,” Abascal said on his day. He and his party consider that another Sánchez government “would constitute a serious threat to the constitutional order and coexistence” but they do not mention that, despite their support, they still do not give Feijóo the numbers to be president.

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“Vox wants to express its concern about the possibility that the acting president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, will be sworn in as president with the support of the fugitive from Justice, Carles Puigdemont, Bildu, PNV and ERC, whose general secretary escaped in Switzerland, Marta Rovira is in charge of negotiating said agreement with the PSOE”, they point out in a press release.

Those of Abascal denounce that “said government would constitute a serious threat to the constitutional order and coexistence, with the possibility that Sánchez would even grant a referendum on self-determination, as the rebels demand, which would mean a coup promoted by the government itself that would probably lead to a breakdown of coexistence and social peace”.

“Already in the last legislature, Sánchez pardoned the coup leaders convicted by the Supreme Court for the crimes of sedition and embezzlement, and later reformed the penal code to eliminate sedition and reduce embezzlement. All this as a toll on ERC, one of his partners during the legislature. Now, that it needs the active support of Junts and Bildu, the simple start of negotiations with those forces constitutes a serious threat to the foundations of the constitutional order”, they continue.

What they do not mention is that, even if Vox supported the investiture, the numbers would not give Feijóo to be president if it is not with an active abstention, beyond the yeses of UPN and -perhaps- of the Canary Coalition, which does not pass by nationalist parties or what he calls “condemned coup plotters.”

“Thus, the 33 Vox deputies would support a constitutional majority in the lower house that allows the formation of a government that avoids such threats. Vox will not be anyone’s excuse or the impediment to avoid a government of those who intend to destroy the foundations of the Constitution, ”say those on the extreme right.

The PP already assumed that Vox would have weight in the Government

A week before the elections, the Popular Party itself assumed that Vox would have weight in the Government even if Feijóo managed to govern alone.

And it is that the PP has been assuming the postulates of Vox since the regional and municipal elections of May 28, after which both parties have agreed to share government in different places. This same Friday the government pact in Aragon was closed, which assumed demands from the extreme right such as the end of the memory law, applying the parental veto, reforming the trans law, suppressing the General Directorate of Language Policy or lowering the Tax on Successions and Heritage.

Before Aragon came the Valencian Community, the Balearic Islands, Castilla y León or Extremadura, where Feijóo’s men have had no problems agreeing with Abascal’s men and assuming several of their measures. Some are already being noticed, such as the withdrawal of LGTBI flags from institutions, the denial of sexist violence or the censorship of cultural events.

Feijóo sees the support as an “advance”

The president of the Popular Party has described Vox’s new position as “advance in the field of constitutionalism” and has stated that he will seek “a broad and constitutional agreement” to be able to govern alone.

“The proposal that I make is for a lone government of the Popular Party. A party is necessary for a government and not 24 parties ruling in Spain. So many parties to govern, with different ideologies and contradictory political interests, is the opposite of the governability of our country”, Feijóo assured in an act in Cambados (Pontevedra).

The PP leader, who secretly met with Abascal three days after the elections to talk about what was coming next, explained that his governance proposal is based on a “broad and constitutional agreement to continue and continue with the reforms he needs Spain”. “Keep the Constitution in force and move forward as the countries of Europe do, to create employment, finance pensions and improve public services. That is what governing consists of, the rest is simply resisting ”, he affirmed.

Thus, Feijóo has recognized that he poses three different scenarios for Spain after the July 23 elections. The first of them, as he has detailed, is the blockade and a new electoral repetition, “as happened with Mr. Pedro Sánchez in 2015 and in 2016.” The second, he has continued, is an investiture of the current acting President of the Government and leader of the PSOE, Pedro Sánchez, “in exchange for weakening the State, diminishing general interests and breaking the principle of equality of citizens.”

The third scenario is that “broad and constitutional agreement” on which Feijóo says that he will continue to work in the coming weeks. “I am convinced that it is necessary to give certainty in this moment of uncertainty. It is necessary to bet on the governability and centrality of our country, and it is necessary to send a message that a broad, constitutional agreement is essential to make the reforms that Spain needs ”, he indicated.

The PSOE assures that Feijóo and the PP “care little about what they sign”

This Sunday, the PSOE spokesman in Congress, Patxi López, has criticized the pacts reached by the PP with Vox to govern in some town halls and autonomous communities, such as the recent case of Aragon, and has assured that both the ‘popular’ like their leader, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, “they care little about what they sign and the price they pay for being in power”. “Feijóo and the PP care little about what they sign and the price they pay to be there and have power, but the price is paid by all the rest, because it is our rights and freedoms that are being cut,” he said. underlined this Sunday in a video released by the PSOE.

The socialist spokesman has indicated that the “only” thing that Feijóo has done is “extend the pacts with Vox wherever he can” and has given the recent pact between the two formations in Aragon as an example. “Repeal the Democratic Memory Law, impose the parental pin, kill the equality departments and with it kill the equality policies”, he has lamented about that agreement.


How to stop the lies

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