Nicolás Del Caño, national deputy of the PTS in the FITU, candidate for vice president accompanying Myriam Bregman, and Raúl Godoy, a worker from Zanón, candidate for legislator for Parlasur, were in Trelew on August 3 and 4 as part of the intense campaign that has been developing the PTS and the FITU Unite and Strengthen list throughout the country towards PASO on August 13.

After meeting with local media upon their arrival in Trelew, and with the presence of more than 60 people, both leaders of the PTS together with the teacher Martín Sáez, pre-candidate for Parlasur legislator, made a presentation of the main campaign proposals, answering questions and debating and exchanging with young people, environmentalists, human rights defenders, activists, members of social organizations and workers.

Nicolás Del Caño stated in the opening that “against the majority of the candidates who propose to continue with the policies that adjust to the working majorities, the only political force that is discussing how to win rights and confront the adjustment to the workers is the Left Front That is why the vote of women, youth and workers on the left is to give a strong message against the adjustment ordered by the IMF”.

The Talk started in our socialist house in Trelew

Comrades from the FOL, the FPDS and other social organizations were part of the meeting, and were able to express their position and discuss the proposal to reduce the working day to 6 hours 5 days as a response to generate more than one million jobs. I work in the main 12,000 companies in the country. A concrete proposal to face the drama of unemployment, at the same time as facing job insecurity, within the framework of the regime imposed by the IMF and the parties of the extractivist consensus.

Fellow teachers recounted the experience developed over more than five years of fighting against the adjustment of Governor Arcioni, who is a candidate for Parlasur on the Massa and Grabois lists of United for the Homeland and the need to recover the unions is He put it as another of the points of debate in the meeting.

The importance of the recent election on July 30, where we conquered a provincial legislator for the FITU, for the first time in the province, and how to link this conquest with the struggle in the streets and the development of the left, was present in the debate.

The vote to the left, the only political force in the province that faced Arcioni’s adjustment and the right and also the extractivist offensive in December 2021 defeating the mining zoning of the provincial and national government is a vote in self-defense against the adjustment in course and those that the governor-elect, Torres, will want to carry out, who embraced Larreta and Bullrich in his triumph, as a symbol of what model he wants to carry out in the province, not very different from the one carried out by the Frente de Todos y promises Massa, the candidate of the Union for the Homeland.

The Socialist House of the PTS in Trelew was filled in the talk with Nicolás Del Caño and Raúl Godoy

With the present example of Jujuy, where there is a strong presence of the left both in the legislature with Alejandro Vilca, Natalia Morales, Gastón Remy among other legislators and in the recovery of some unions such as CEDEMS, the talk also addressed the extractivist consensus of the great political coalitions that, from Tierra del Fuego to Jujuy, advance criminalizing social protest and repressing it.

The situation that compañeros and compañeras processed in Chubut are going through due to the roadblock in May 2021, was present in some of its protagonists in this meeting, as well as the fight of the environmental assemblies that paved the way for the December 2021 conferences. by dint of tenacity and perseverance in the generation of an anti-mining awareness with deep social roots.

Likewise, young students and workers were able to listen in the voice of Raúl Godoy, some conclusions from the experience of more than 20 years of worker management in Zanón, an emblem of the fight for the defense of jobs through worker self-organization and Unity between the employed and the unemployed to confront the employers and the State. Also, in relation to the experience of the “Elephants” of health in Neuquén and more recently the enormous fight against the reform in Jujuy, the importance of the unity that is forged between workers and native communities.

Report to Nicolás Del Caño on Channel 12

These “traces” or outlines of unity in fact that arise in each struggle, were highlighted by the ceramicist and former provincial representative, to highlight the importance of building an organization that, using electoral instances like the current one, can sow that seed of possible future in the consciousness of millions who face adjustment and extractivist looting every day.

Nicolas del Caño, in turn, stressed that building a socialist and revolutionary party is a central element so that all these struggles have a common denominator that fights for a political solution for the working class to the ongoing crisis that will only deepen hand in hand. of the IMF regime.

This exciting meeting of more than two hours continued with a meal in which the debate continued to develop, showing the eagerness to learn and exchange experiences. Before leaving, they all took their campaign kits, flyers, and ballots from the 136 A list to spread among their friends, family, and co-workers, and signed up to monitor and defend the vote for Myriam Bregman and Nicolás Del Caño, pre-candidates for President and Vice President of the 136 A list of the Left Front.

Report to Nicolás Del Caño “In Invincibles” FM El Chubut 90.1

On Friday, August 4, the activity of Nicolás Del Caño and Raúl Godoy in Trelew continued, where they were interviewed by Channel 12, the T-Veo channel, and Radio Chubut, which together with the reports on Cadena Tiempo and Radio Sudaca covered a wide range of themes and debates that served to bring the proposals of the left to thousands.

Before the end of the trip, the pre-candidates visited the Old Trelew Airport, currently the Museum of Memory, where they toured the grounds of this important event that commemorates the Trelew massacre of August 1972.

We have less than 10 days left of the campaign towards the PASO of August 13, in Chubut in the next few days we will carry out flyers and meetings in Comodoro Rivadavia, Sarmiento, Esquel, Lago Puelo, Puerto Madryn and Rawson to continue disseminating the proposals and organizing the inspection throughout the province. Because against resignation, the best way to express anger is by accompanying a force of workers that is part of each struggle, like here in Chubut where we are part of the fight against mega-mining, the only vote that counts is the vote to the left .


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