A few hours after Vox sits down with King Felipe VI in the round of consultations to find out the support of each candidate after 23J, the far-right formation has avoided confirming its support for a hypothetical investiture of the PP candidate, Alberto Núñez Fejóo, if the king orders him to try. As of today, the popular leader, therefore, has 139 votes – his own plus UPN and the Canary Islands Coalition – waiting to know the final position of Santiago Abascal’s party that asks the PP for “explanations” for excluding him from the Congress table.

The king will decide for the first time between two candidates for the investiture


This has been stated by the general secretary of Vox, Ignacio Garriga, at a press conference from the Parliament of Catalonia from where he has demanded this Monday a “public and urgent” explanation by the Feijóo formation before Abascal meets on Tuesday with the King. Garriga demands that the PP clarify “if they excluded Vox from the Congress Table because they had a commitment to the PNV.”

“We want you to explain to us if you have opted for the path that the left explored a long time ago of isolating and denying the representativeness of three million Spaniards and, above all and most importantly, knowing what the strategy of Mr. Feijóo and the Popular Party is”, Garriga has maintained, who has avoided guaranteeing support for a hypothetical investiture of Feijóo a few hours after Abascal meets with the king this Tuesday.

The secretary general of the ultra-conservative formation recalled that Vox had a commitment to support the leader of the PP to avoid a Pedro Sánchez government, but “that commitment was alongside the demand that Feijóo had to work tirelessly and openly to recover the neutrality of all State institutions”, he has defended.

The president of Vox, Santiago Abascal, has also spoken in this sense, who has echoed Garriga’s words: “It seems to us the most reasonable and the most appropriate to respect the voters,” assured the ultra-conservative leader in the x social network

This Monday, they have gone through Zarzuela UPN and Canary Coalition that have confirmed their support for Feijóo if the king commissions him to appear at an investiture. During today’s day, the PNV spokesman, Aitor Esteban, and the leader of Sumar, Yolanda Díaz, still have to pass. Tomorrow Tuesday it will be the turn of Vox, PSOE and PP.

From the acting government they point out that Sánchez will leave Feijóo free for a first attempt at investiture given the impossibility of offering the king more support than the leader of the PP. Feijóo is confident of having 171 or 172 guaranteed votes, if Santiago Abascal “complies with his word”, in the words of the PP leadership. At the moment, that support from Vox is not guaranteed.


How to stop the lies

The 23J campaign has made clear the tremendous importance of the free press, which depends on its readers and owes nothing to anyone else. The vast majority of the big media are owned by banks, funds and large communication groups. The vast majority of them have whitewashed the ultras and are under the control of the agenda set by the right.

That is why we ask for your support. We need to grow. Hire more journalists. Reinforce our local editions against the lies of the local and regional governments of the extreme right. Sign more investigative reporters. We need to reach more people, build a bigger newspaper, capable of countering the brutal wave of conservative propaganda that we are going to face. And that will leave small what we have experienced in this dirty electoral campaign.

If you care about the future of this country, support us. Today we need you more than ever because our work is more necessary than ever. Become a member, become a member, of elDiario.es.

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