The goal is then to further increase the scalability of Layer-2 solutions by omitting as much data as possible. He describes the ideal situation in the image above.

That all seems very complex (and it is), but what you have to take into account is that developers try to convey all the necessary information with as little data as possible. By compressing data and omitting things that are not important, transactions can take place with a lot less data.

The development of Ethereum

Buterin also has interesting things to say about the development of Ethereum. “In 2022, Ethereum was like an airplane that had to replace its engines in flight. It had to replace its wings in 2023.”

That all sounds very risky and in principle it was. The switch to Proof-of-Stake was accompanied by a huge amount of new code, which could also have contained errors.

Fortunately, all has gone well for Ethereum so far and the blockchain is still working properly. What is striking is that Ethereum is increasingly moving away from the idea that their own blockchain is the future.

The emphasis is increasingly on Layer-2 solutions, which, as it were, float above Ethereum, just like the Lightning Network for Bitcoin. That is of course not the original promise and that is also why decentralization of Layer-2 solutions is so important to Vitalik Buterin.

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