03/28 In the Civic Center of Bariloche, hours before the start of the Chocolate Festival, a new act of struggle by Health and different sectors of workers.

The initial idea of ​​the health sector that maintains the fight in the province was to carry out visible actions at the Chocolate Festival that the Rio Negro government promotes year after year with the hotel employers’ chambers and various tourism businesses. But the first of them, a sit-in at the Civic Center hours after the official inauguration, already started with strength and fighting spirit.

When the activity began, it quickly became an act of different sectors in struggle. From Neuquén, workers from the Castro Rendón Hospital went to share their experience, the epicenter of the “elephant” fight that in 2021 paralyzed the oil wells and the entire province. There, words of solidarity were heard from Julieta Katcoff, a worker at said hospital and a representative of the Violeta Negra Group, who conveyed what for her was a great lesson that the triumph of the struggle gave: unity with the entire community and with other sectors. of workers was essential to twist the arm of the government.

Workers from National Roads were also part of the day, one of the sectors that Milei attacked with hundreds of layoffs in recent days and that affects dozens of Rio Negro workers from Viedma to the mountain range. Saluting the fight of the Zonal Hospital of Bariloche and the CAP’s, they denounced the adjustment that both Milei and Weretilneck make, saluting the example of health struggle that inspires them to go out next week to fight. And a call was made for unity, demanding that the union centers urgently call a national strike to prevent the adjustment and layoffs from continuing. The slogan of “General Strike” became massive with chants from all those present.

At the national level, news of this new day of health struggle was arriving, which was linked to different demands. The national deputy of the PTS for the Left Front, Nicolás del Caño, spread the images bringing his greetings to the just Rio Negro struggle.

The provincial government of Weretilenck will have a weekend with more actions in the cities and regions. New activities are planned in Bariloche as well as in Alto Valle for the coming days. The adjustment that the governor, as well as President Milei, has been applying, already has resistance in multiple struggles throughout the country. The demand for a general strike against the CGT, CTA and ATE is one of the songs that is beginning to be heard the most, even making the chocolate festival in Weretilneck sour.

Source: www.laizquierdadiario.com

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