In an act mounted at the Buenos Aires legislature guarded by a strong police operationas a true provocation against the hundreds of thousands who have been fighting for memory, truth and justice for decades, the running mate of Javier Miley He carried out an act to locate the genocidal military as victims of “terrorism”, going so far as to equate the 1970s with the attacks against the AMIA and the Embassy of Israel.

It was an act carried out with the spirit of going back on the old military tale, attacking communismthe ERP and Montoneros and without mentioning a word about the 30,000 missing detainees. In this spirit, the far-right lawyer trained in the United States, called for “justice” and spoke of “giving voice to those who do not have it.” Was she referring to those who like the torturer Etchecolatz Did they have Villaruel’s phone number in the agenda for their defense? Or Jorge Rafael Videal, whom he visited in jail?

The national deputy, emboldened by the result of the La Libertad Avanza elections, who in a possible Milei government already commented that she would deal with “defense and security” issues, affirmed that “None of these victims can have any reparation from of these terrorists who wanted to impose an authoritarian, communist state on us.” What her words specifically dealt with was claim the voice of those who dedicated themselves to exterminating an entire generation to impose the political and economic interests of North American imperialism, hand in hand with the IMF and also with big businessbeginning a cycle of poverty and dependency that continues to this day and that Villarruel herself seeks to continue, hand in hand with the adjustment plans that they intend to carry out together with Javier Milei. Villarruel’s speech seeks to hide the fact that thousands of military assassins are still free or died without ever being tried, the whereabouts of hundreds of appropriated children are unknown and the dictatorship’s archives are still not being opened to find out the scope of the crimes of terrorism of State.

Villarruel, proud military family heiresswhose father was part of the Independence Operation in Tucumán and second to Aldo Rico in Malvinas and whose uncle was one of the torturers in the concentration camp known as Vesuviusseeks to deepen the denialist advance for which he has been active since his youth. He stated with impunity “from the moment the state violates human rights, it does not grant us justice and memory and it is discriminating against us” and continued: “After decades of demonizing ourselves and trying to gag us, we are no longer afraid of them. Those who tried to take everything from us, including our homeland, can no longer do anything to us. I want to ask the Argentine people not to be afraid either and to ask for truth and justice.”

Faced with the important mobilization that gathered this afternoon to repudiate this act, Villarruel provoked: “Those who oppose this tribute are those whose hands are stained with the blood of our loved ones, they are the ones who monopolize the memory because in the name of from communism they don’t even let us remember our loved ones”.

The words of this rightist who speaks of “freedom” but denies the crimes of the genocidal dictatorship and their emboldening to carry out these provocative demonstrations does not arise by chance. take force over the long-term adjustment that both the government of Together for Change and that of the Frente de Todos have carried out – today renamed Union for the Homeland -, which has been bringing as a consequence the growth of social unrest and individualism.

However, in this way, far from intimidating those of us who have been fighting for memory, truth and justice for decades, these patoterile acts do nothing more than update the need to continue the fight against impunity of yesterday and today. Against the crimes of the dictatorship, but also against impunity and the protection that all governments have given in these years of democratic regime to the repressive forces responsible for the easy trigger, the same ones that in these years made Jorge Julio López disappear, are responsible for the disappearance followed by the death of Santiago Maldonado, as well as for carrying out hundreds of repressions against any popular struggle, from north to south.


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