President Lula (PT) and the President of Ukraine, Volodomyr Zelensky
Photo: Reproduction/Editing

John Kirby, coordinator of strategic communication at the White House National Security Council, criticized the Lula government’s position on the Ukraine War. For the representative of the American government, the posture of the PT administration is an “automatic repetition of Russian and Chinese propaganda”.

“It is deeply problematic how Brazil has addressed this issue in a substantive and rhetorical way, suggesting that the United States and Europe are somehow not interested in peace or that we share responsibility for war,” Kirby said at a press conference.

This Sunday (16th), President Lula stated that the United States and Europe have prolonged the conflict, “contributing to the continuation of this war”. The PT had already said that Ukraine could cede Crimea in the name of peace between the two nations.

“Brazil’s most recent comments that Ukraine should consider formally ceding Crimea as a peace concession are simply misguided, especially for a country like Brazil that voted to uphold the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity in the UN General Assembly. ,” continued Kirby.

The Brazilian representative made a series of criticisms of the US on his trip to China. He questioned, for example, the predominance of the US dollar in international trade.

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