In the last weeks, Juan Grabois -pre-candidate for Patria Grande in the Frente de Todos- has somewhat radicalized his speech, in content and forms.

Regarding the content, Juan Grabois lightly grasped some of the proposals of the Left, such as the rejection of the agreement with the IMF. She even took on an expression of Nicholas Del Caño and called “lame boots” from the United States to those who approved the pact with the Fund, among them, the minister Sergio Massa. In turn, this week she released a fragment of an interview where attacks the ideas of the Trotskyist left, since it seeks to contain the flight of votes disillusioned with the Frente de Todos, which go to the Frente de Izquierda Unidad.

Regarding shapes, Grabois shouting and some insults were allowed, in the style Javier Miley, with the reactionary journalist Cristina Pérez. It’s not that he agrees with these ideas, but he sees it like this: “any guy, whether he’s from the left or the right, who yells a bit and whores is going to be very seductive, that’s why Milei’s proposal is seductive.”

Beyond what he preaches and how he preaches it, and despite looking for his own game, by asking that the Front of All define your candidacies in a few STEP: in fact, nothing has changed in the political position of Juan Graboisnor from the front Great Homelandin relation to that they do not face adjustment that downloads are government, on the working and poor people. On the contrary, they accompany it.

The deputies and the deputy from Patria Grande voted in favor of the 2023 Budget, which Sergio Massa put together under IMF guidelines: with cuts in housing, education, health and social items. The minister also supports the guidelines of this Budget Victoria Toulouse Peacewhen you promote the cut in the Enhance work program or in the Alimentar Card.

Juan Graboisin its role as referent of the Union of Workers of the Popular Economy (UTEP) -next to Evita Movementkeeps the pro-government social movements in a truce, so that they do not even fight against these cutsnor against the increase in poverty and job insecurity, which they denounce by word of mouth.

As for the electoral game, although he maintains his candidacy for president (while waiting for Kirchnerism to launch its own candidate to get off), Juan Grabois He stated again: “Me, if Sergio Massa wins, I PASS them and accept some basic conditions, I will support him“He said in a radio interview.

Why call to trust the word of Minister Sergio Massa? Yes, in less than a year the adjustment of ex-minister Martín Guzmán deepened and guarantees, through different channels, a permanent transfer of income from the working and poor people, to the pockets of the large economic groups. Also leaning on the right-wing opposition.

At the end of the game, it is more than likely that Juan Grabois -for now the only candidate to launch himself within the Front of All– I ended up putting a pig for a poke in the urn.

John XXIII: preaches for the left and against the left

In the same interview, Grabois proved to be disruptive of the agreement with the FMI, in a pose a little further to the left than La Cámpora. That’s when she said: “No one respects you if you lick boots. You can’t negotiate if you go in the bootlicking attitude. Tomorrow, I assume the presidency and say we suspend payments, this program is uselessWe are going to go to all the international forums to state that there was a scam here. Here they scammed us and we can’t pay“.

The truth is the Unity Left Front was the only national political force that promoted mobilizations against the debt scam and the agreement with the FMI, in unity with hundreds of other political and social organizations. Neither Juan Graboisis Great Homelandthey gambled to mobilize against the agreement of the FMIneither before nor after the vote in Congress.

In turn, the only ones who voted en bloc against this agreementwere the national deputies of the Left Front Unitywith the benches of the pre-candidate for president Myriam Bregmanof Nicholas Del Caño, Alexander Vilca y romina del pla.

The same cannot be said of the bloc of national deputies from Patria Grande. The national deputy Itai Hagmanfirst he gave up his place in the budget commission, so that another legislator from the Frente de Todos would approve the opinion, and then Hagman voted abstention in the Chamber of Deputies. With The CamporaThey studied the accounts well, to reject the agreement, but not jeopardize their treatment or their approval.

The candidacy of Juan Grabois wants to once again excite a sector of voters who in the last legislative elections of 2021 supported the Frente de Izquierda Unidad, after seeing and experiencing firsthand that the Frente de Todos did not fulfill any of its campaign promises , despite having postulated as those who were going to reverse the disastrous legacy of macrismo.

That is why it is no coincidence that this Sunday, Juan Grabois spread from their social networks, a fragment of an interview where attack left. “You ask any Trotskyist leader, are you going to make the revolution? And they look at you… it is not even in your real horizon to generate transformations according to your program” -slander Grabois.

There is a very broad consensus in the population, whether or not they vote for the Left Front Unityregarding that the Trotskyist left in Argentina is consistent: “they defend with their bodies what they say with their beaks”, as he likes to say about himself Juan Grabois. That is the profile he seeks to attack with his statements.

But the left has conquered that place, in the eyes of broad sectors of the population, based on being present in each of the struggles of the youth, of women, of the working people and of the homeless families.

Without going any further, last week Nicolás Del Caño participated in a new cut on the Pan-American highway, together with the workers of the Mondelez factory, who fight against the layoffs and the increase in the rates of exploitation. Consequently, the Trotskyist left is facing the labor reform that the right-wing opposition wants to extend to the national level, and that the Frente de Todos government has been allowing that is applied in fact.

In turn, the Left Front Unity raise a program to face until the end this attempt by the big employers and the IMF itself, to sweep away all the labor rights that the working class won in years of struggle. With a proposal that also seeks to reverse the increase in labor informality and the plural employment, which grew enormously during the Frente de Todos government. fight for the reduction in working hours -6 hours, 5 days– Without a salary reduction, which, if applied only to the main companies in the country, would generate more than 1 million genuine jobs.

On the other hand, the perspective of conquer a government of the workers and the people, in a break with capitalism, with the revolutionary mobilization of millions, is the strategic horizon of the Trotskyist left. Therefore, consequently, it maintains its political independence from all governments; and it differs from the political caste and traditional politicians, rejecting any privilege by donating their deputy allowances and rotating their seats. At the same time that it promotes unity and the democratic and independent organization of the working people and youthbetting the the only social force capable of turning history around and take the reins of the economy into their own hands, to put it at the service of the needs of the vast majority.

It is because of this independent location, which the left has a free hand to fight and accompany homeless families or workers who fight for their rights. Juan Grabois and Patria Grande, on the contrary, are increasingly integrated to the Argentine capitalist regime. By way of being part of the government of the Front of All. And by tying the social movements to the State, ensuring social peace.

Curiously Juan Grabois He raised his own contradiction on the Futurock radio show. There he said: “Since day one of the Frente de Todos government… even if the president had been Cristina, things would not have been very different. When the social movement does not stress, when it is absolutely adapted to the conditions of the Government, when it is fully incorporated into the state, it loses its creative capacity”.

Given this diagnosis, he does not propose any solution.

Grabois’s attack on the deepest ideas and the consequent fight of the Trotskyist left is the other side of his defense of the capitalist regime, to which he is increasingly “fully” integrated.

Waiting for the Miracle

Until someone comes along who says that we are going to cancel the criminal agreement with the IMFuntil someone appears who says that we are going to give land to each family that does not have a home, until someone appears who says that we are going to urbanize all the neighborhoods, even though every year we have to impose a tax on large fortunes . While they are embarrassed to say these things, I am a candidate for these elections“, Grabois said also on the radio.

Although he also said: “Wado-Massa, bank. Massa-Wado, not bank”, speculating before which formula his own candidacy would lower.

The crossroads that Grabois offers consists of proposing a different policy from the one that his Government has been carrying out, but using the same formulas as always.

¿Why Eduardo Wado De Pedro or any other candidate for The Campora, they would cancel the criminal agreement with the IMFyes so far They have accompanied the orientation of the government that legalized the Macrista scam?

Why would a Kirchnerist government take a different path than the repression already deployed by Axel Kicillof in the face of the housing crisis in the province of Buenos Aires, when hundreds of families occupied idle land to live?

Even more:Why would Patria Grande fight consistently for housing, if it voted in favor of the adjustment in these items within the National Congress?

The answer why Left Front Unityyes he would carry out his program –genuine work for alla plan of public works to build popular housing based on the non-payment of the debt scam, etc- is in its truly combative and consistent profile. To achieve this, we need to build and organize the social force capable of taking all this forward.


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