Gabriel Boric, President of Chile, votes to elect a Constituent Council. (Photo: reproduction)

The ultra-right was the winner of the election for the council that will discuss the new Constitution of Chile. The new council will have 50 people and will be responsible for writing the new Magna Carta. The country went to the polls this Sunday (7) after having rejected a first version of the text in September last year. With information from Folha de S.Paulo.

With almost 100% of the polls selected, the Republican Party, led by the conservative José Antonio Kast, got the largest number of representatives (22 out of 50 counselors).

In second place came the left-wing group Unity for Chile (17 places), led by Chilean President Gabriel Boric. Next came Chile Seguro, from the traditional right (11 seats).

The right ended up with an absolute majority of 33 seats, more than the 31 needed to approve changes. On the other hand, the left did not get the 20 votes it would need to veto any measures it does not agree with.

Thus, the right will chart the course of the new Magna Carta without the need to agree with the left. This was considered a historic result in Chile, which has never seen a victory on this side of the political spectrum in elections similar to this one, such as the legislative ones.

Elected councilors will begin drafting the new text in June, based on a pre-draft compiled by 24 constitutional experts appointed by Congress in March. Voters will approve or reject the new proposal later this year, in December.

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