Floating “prison”. (Photo: reproduction)

By Lucas Toth

Conservatives build ‘prison boat’ in the UK for visa-free immigrants to await asylum applications. “Bibby Stockholm” left the shipyard where it was being built and arrived, this Tuesday (18), in the port of Portland, in the south of England.

Rishi Sunak’s government has ignored criticism from humanitarian organizations and is preparing to accommodate up to 500 people on the vessel.

The Home Office explained that the vessel will be used “to reduce unsustainable pressure on the British asylum system and reduce costs”.

“We must end the use of expensive hotels to accommodate those who make unnecessary and dangerous journeys. We will not put the interests of illegal migrants above the interests of the British people whom we have been chosen to serve. We need to use alternative accommodation options, including the use of barges and ferries, to save British taxpayer money and prevent the UK becoming a magnet for asylum seekers in Europe,” said Secretary of State for Immigration Robert Jenrick in April.

The British government calculates that foreigners will remain on the boat for a period of between three and six months. According to the authorities, people will be able to come and go every day without any problem.

Currently, in the United Kingdom, more than 160,000 people are waiting for the court to decide on their asylum application. The government maintains around 51,000 in hotel units throughout the country, at a cost of more than 6 million euros per day.

anti-immigration policy

The British parliament has been tightening laws that seek to combat illegal immigration in the country. In 2022, the UK government announced an agreement with Rwanda to send irregular migrants to the country. However, no flights took place. In June of that year, the European Court of Human Rights canceled the first wave of foreigners. That same month, the British Justice declared the project illegal.

In response, the British Parliament approved this Tuesday (18) a law that bans asylum requests requested by immigrants who enter the United Kingdom illegally. The norm was considered contrary to the rights of refugees by the UN (United Nations), since “most people fleeing war or persecution do not have access to documents such as passports or visas”.

The government alleges that undocumented migrants “jump the queue”, harming those arriving in the country through legal channels. The son of Indians, Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party Rishi Sunak established the anti-immigration agenda as a priority during his administration.

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