The housing deficit in Argentina worsens with the enormous difficulties to rent | Ricardo Palmadessa

The own house it’s a unrealizable dream for the popular majorities for years. Getting a rental is increasingly difficult due to the requirements that must be met and the market that is becoming dollarized, pushed by the advance of temporary rentals.

Owners and real estate chambers reduce the supply of units for rental housing traditional. They press for the fall of the Rental Law, defended by the tenant population because it guarantees minimum guarantees in their favor, although it ties the annual increases to inflation. Real estate speculators are not satisfied with this and want to eliminate any type of regulation of their market, as the genocidal dictatorship did in 1977.

With the advancement of crisis actualmore and more families are thrown onto the streets, spend the winter without a roof or crowded into houses in poor condition, under threat of collapse, fire or gas leaks.

The cruelest face of the housing deficit came to light clearly during the pandemic, when thousands were forced to go out and fight for a piece of land to live, in land seizures throughout the country. Repression and false promises were – and continue to be – the privileged response of the national government, that of the City of Buenos Aires and the provinces.

The main political coalitions gave evictions to women fleeing gender-based violence in the pandemic. Now, in the middle of the electoral campaign, demagogically use the housing drama of millions, but they point their proposals towards the interests of the real estate market and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). According to a complaint from Grouped Tenants, the staff of the credit agency has been warning against the current norm and wants to eliminate all regulations on the real estate market, which would make access to this right even more difficult for the working majority of the country.

The government’s plan, led by Massa, adheres to the IMF’s demands. Beyond the nuances that the ruling party and the right-wing opposition, they do not differ in their background plans, in what to do. As evidenced by the debate over the Rental Law, what guides their political proposals is the need to carry out an adjustment against the living conditions of the popular majorities, to pay the illegal foreign debt to the IMF.

The so-called “libertarians” want to dollarize not only the real estate market, but the economy as a wholea fact that would cause a brutal devaluation and a huge loss in the purchasing power of wages.

The list Unite and strengthen the left led by Myriam Bregman and Nicolás del Caño in the Front of the Left and the Workers Unitis the only one that presents realistic proposals to end the housing deficit. The adjustment – paid by those below – is not the only way out.

Peronism in the government is making the people pay the illegal and illegitimate debt that the previous government contracted, with hunger, cold and helplessness. The left maintains that the crisis must be paid for by the capitalists who generated it and the governments that manage the country’s wealth at their service.

It is the only force that proposes:

  • Break with the IMF: to put those resources that go with the payment of the illegal, illegitimate and fraudulent foreign debt at the service of the needs of the majority. We must allocate the wealth produced by the Argentine working class, which they flee to evade taxes or use it to pay the debt, to build the homes that millions of families need. Resources at the service of the majority, not speculators, escapers, or banks.
  • Emergency increase in salaries and pensions: to recover what was lost with the Macri adjustment that continued under the government of Alberto and Cristina.
  • Enough of people without houses and houses without people: According to Inquilinos Agrupados, the number of empty houses used for speculation is almost equal to the housing deficit. There are houses, but they are empty. We must fight to impose an affordable rental plan for the popular majorities, guaranteed with progressive taxes on idle housing or, directly, the expropriation of large idle real estate.
  • Public property registry: to know in whose hands the houses are concentrated. Progressive taxes on idle housing in the hands of large real estate groups so that they are put up for rent and the offer increases.
  • Regulation of temporary rentals: like AirBnB. Owners and real estate agents opt for this type of rental in dollars, to increase their profit and avoid compliance with the current Rental Law. This is how they extort by reducing the rental offer for traditional housing, leaving thousands without options, in order to make the law fall.
  • Large-scale public works plan, controlled by workers: because the market builds but does not solve the housing drama of millions. And at the rate of the current government, it would take 91 years to end the housing deficit. If we distribute the hours of work between busy and unoccupied hands, we can carry out a true public works plan., in which workers define from below what is built, where and how. This could solve the problem of lack of employment and a decent roof to live in a healthy environment for the popular majorities. You could also build and repair schools, hospitals, soup kitchens, all the infrastructure that popular neighborhoods need.
  • Unified, state banking system, controlled by workers and workers: to stop the leakage of resources that the industrious majorities generate with their work. Accessible loans with a subsidized rate for the homes of working families.

    For more strength to fight for housing: do not resign, raise the Left Front of Bregman and Del Caño

    “Hernan Lombardi, owner of a few rental housesrequests the treatment of repeal of the Rental Law”. martin tetaz “He presented a project so that the contracts have a term of one year and there is no price regulation.” “Graciela Caamano now he says that the tenants are wrong but he presented a project so that the owners can ask us for 6 months of rent in advance,” the group Inquilinos Agrupados stated on its Twitter account.

    The national government has demonstrated “a very serious inability to control compliance with the Rental Law. Rents are becoming dollarized, there are no registered contracts, and they have closed the rental area of ​​the Nation’s Ministry of Housing,” described a statement from the National Tenants Federation in April, when Alberto and the pre-candidate for pro-government president and Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, announced that the law is no longer without presenting any alternative that protects the rights of tenant families.

    The left puts its benches at the service of popular struggles and needsas demonstrated Myriam Bregman in Congress in the debate for the repeal of the Rental Law and as demonstrated by the national and provincial referents of the PTS-FITU with the Jujuy struggle. She directs her campaign towards the objective of organizing the strength of the working class, the popular sectors, women and youth who suffer more strongly from the housing drama due to precariousness.

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