Milei took another step in the attack on the national railway system and its workers. This morning layoffs began in sensitive areas of Trenes Argentinos. More than 100 railway workers were unable to enter the Trenes Argentinos offices.

The headquarters of ADIF (Infrastructure) and DECAHF (Development of Railway Human Capital) woke up with security at the door. In ADIF there is talk of 135 dismissals without any criteria, the majority of non-union workers, as was learned from sources close to the sector.

Two of the sector’s unions published a statement declaring themselves in a “state of alert and permanent session.” These are APDFA (CTA railway staff) and the Railway Union led by Sergio Sassia. There they request “an urgent meeting with the authorities.”

They denounce that these are personnel who are responsible for the execution and monitoring of works, essential for the maintenance of the service. With measures that have already been denounced, we are facing a clear dismantling and emptying of the national railway service. The government has been threatening to close stations, services and lay off up to 30% of the staff. In addition, he has been “stepping on” the joint ventures.

It is necessary for the unions to call assemblies, a 24-hour strike and a plan to combat these attacks. This was stated this Monday by the Orange Railway Group, which approached the place where some of those laid off are discussing measures to follow. For now, you are invited to the day of struggle this Friday the 12th, called by those dismissed from GPS-Aerolíneas, INCAA, Labor and other state agencies, together with different social organizations, combative unionism, popular assemblies and retirees.


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