Donald Trump is doing everything he can to win the votes of Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto enthusiasts in his presidential race. For example, he is happy to promise how he will help the industry move forward if he is elected as the next American president. He has also been accepting crypto for a while as donations for his presidential election campaign.

For crypto fans at heart, it does not seem to be a difficult choice between Trump or current President Joe Biden. The famous Winklevoss twins also clearly support Trump, and have even donated no less than $2 million in bitcoins to support him.

$2 million BTC donation

Yesterday, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, a prominent and influential duo in the crypto world, announced that they had each donated $1 million in bitcoins to Trump. With a bitcoin price of just over $64,600 at the time, they each transferred 15.47 BTC to the Republican. Both Tyler and Cameron announced their donation on social media platform X.

The Winklevoss brothers gained fame through their early involvement in Bitcoin and the founding of the global crypto exchange Gemini in 2014.

With the astronomical donation, it is clear that both Tyler and Cameron will vote for Trump in November. They also write this in their X-messages and explain their expression of support to their hundreds of thousands of followers.

Tyler specifically criticized Biden’s anti-crypto policy:

In recent years, the Biden administration has openly declared war on crypto. It has used multiple government agencies to intimidate, harass, and sue the good actors in our industry in an effort to destroy it. There is nothing the Biden administration can do or say at this point to pretend otherwise.”

Cameron underlined in his message that Trump, on the other hand, is “pro-Bitcoin, pro-crypto and pro-business” and will “end the Biden administration’s war on crypto.”

Biden wants to follow Trump with crypto donations

It has been possible for about a month now to support Trump in his presidential campaign through crypto donations. Remarkably, you could read in the crypto news last week that the Biden campaign team would also consider accepting crypto for presidential campaign donations.

Biden may seem to realize that the tens of millions of crypto owners in the country are increasingly taking Trump’s side. The question remains, however, whether simply accepting crypto donations can make up for the Biden administration’s poor policymaking toward the industry. Trump still seems to be strongly favored by many American crypto enthusiasts.

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