With his decision to dissolve the National Assembly the day after the European elections, French President Emmanuel Macron paved the way for the extreme right to continue and redouble the antisocial, repressive, racist and reactionary policy carried out throughout his mandate. . Given this situation, Anasse Kazib, a railway worker and spokesperson for the organization Revolution Permanente, part of the International Network La Izquierda Diario, is running as a candidate in the second constituency of Seine Saint-Denis. He does it together with the workers’ lawyer, human rights lawyer, and activist of the Permanent Revolution, Elsa Marcel.

Around a program of action for wages and a decent life, against racist and security policies, war and colonialism and for the end of this capitalist system, the objective is to propose a real alternative to the anti-worker and anti-worker reaction. extreme right.

As they noted in the presentation of their candidacies: “we will raise a revolutionary and radically internationalist voice against Macron and the extreme right, in solidarity with Gaza, with the Congo and with New Caledonia, against the increase of militarism in Europe, against NATO and against Putin, and for the legalization of all illegal immigrants.”

After the launch event, the active campaign began in the streets together with other workers, young people, students, teachers and residents of the district.

The worker and revolutionary candidacy has an important resonance among the inhabitants of Seine Saint-Denis and numerous activists. Dissemination of brochures, poster collages, door-to-door campaigns, telephone calls, neighborhood meetings.

This Wednesday, during the first campaign committee in Saint Denis, the many activists present decided on a calendar of activities for the coming days, open to all those who want to actively support the candidacy.

Source: www.laizquierdadiario.com

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