Donald Trump is participating in the presidential elections in America again this year and it is clear that Bitcoin plays a greater role than before. The flamboyant Donald Trump indicates that he is “good” with Bitcoin and crypto, while he criticizes his competitor Joe Biden, who, according to him, understands nothing at all.

Trump hosted NFT event

At an event for investors in the so-called Trump NFTs at his Mar-a-Lago resort, Trump told attendees that hostile lawmakers are driving crypto companies out of America.

“Crypto is leaving the United States due to hostility towards the industry. We will stop that, because I don’t want that. If we embrace it, then we must let them be here,” Trump said in his characteristically simple language.

He further accused Biden of being against an industry he doesn’t understand. “They are against it, the Biden camp – but Biden doesn’t even know what it is. He has no idea, but look, Gary Gensler is against it too. The Democrats are completely against it. I think a lot of people are in favor of it. Probably a lot of people in this room,” Trump said.

“If you are for crypto, then you should vote for Trump,” said Donald Trump.

Easy win for Trump

With these statements, Trump will win over a lot of voters, because Biden can no longer convince the people that he is pro-crypto or Bitcoin after his actions in recent years.

Biden’s administration mainly worked against the industry and that will now probably cost him votes from people who invested heavily in crypto.

This is therefore a “shot at an open target” for Trump during the campaign and will attract a lot of votes in certain important states.

A funny fact is that Trump had a completely different position on crypto during his previous presidency. At the time, he indicated that he was “not a fan” of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, which he said did not qualify as money.

Of course, he also pointed out the standard things such as volatility and that it is based on air.

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