In the press conference they held this afternoon, the CGT leaders confirmed that they will try to use the enormous national strike as a measure of pressure on the Government. Despite the massiveness and forcefulness of the strike, Héctor Daer, Pablo Moyano and other leaders of the union central affirmed that their objective is to achieve changes within the Base Law while the discussion in the Senate continues.

At the beginning of the conference, Daer stated that the strike was a measure “against the Government’s policy” and asked the government to “take note” of the important measure of force that took place this Wednesday. In addition, he denounced some of the most anti-worker aspects of the Base Law, which is currently being discussed in the nation’s Senate.

However, the complaint was to reach the conclusion that what is important is the negotiation that can take place within Congress itself. Pablo Moyano and other leaders who spoke spoke of “having hands” in the negotiation. For his part, the head of Health stated that it was necessary to “raise awareness” of the rule. Raise awareness among radical and macrista senators?

Daer insisted on the idea, stating that the forcefulness of the strike was not an end in itself.” He indicated that it is “a wake-up call to the authorities to rectify what they are doing.” In his turn, Moyano stated that “the people judged the government with the national strike. The rejection is growing. Today was a clear example of boredom. Many people who stopped have voted for them. They show regret. The government has to take note. “If they ratify the political course, the CGT will ratify the course of the fight plan.”

However, the Government has been ratifying the course. This Tuesday, he dedicated himself to attacking the workers who went on strike. He mounted a media campaign demonizing those who adhered to the measure of force. However, that did not prevent the strike from being forceful, as images from across the country showed.

The leadership of the CGT wants to turn this enormous strike into a pressure tool to negotiate. But negotiating means accepting part of Milei’s war plan against the working class. It means continuing to deliver conquests and rights.

Reality showed that there is enormous force to defeat the adjustment. After the massive University March on April 23, this powerful strike came. Opposition and rejection of the Milei Government’s policies grow. What needs to be done is to promote it, not put limits on it as the Peronist union leadership does.

We must begin to prepare now for the fight against the Bases Law in the Senate. That day we must impose a new general strike, which must be active and with massive mobilization. We have to be hundreds of thousands of us who surround Congress to tear down this disastrous law. There is no negotiation possible. You cannot make changes that are progressive. It is a law against working people. That’s why it has to be torn down.



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