US presidential candidate Donald Trump continues to strengthen his pro-crypto position. Last Friday he did so again, this time during a special speech in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Crypto is increasingly becoming an important weapon for Trump in his fight against current President Joe Biden. The November elections promise to be exciting, and it appears that crypto will be a key asset for Trump to achieve victory.

Trump uses crypto as a weapon

In his speech on Friday, Trump criticized Joe Biden’s current crypto policies and discussed the future of the US crypto sector.

“I will end Joe Biden’s fight against crypto and ensure the future of crypto and Bitcoin in America is secured. We’re going to keep it here, and a lot of it will happen right here in Florida,” Trump said.

Trump hopes to transform Florida into a crypto hub as president. According to recent data, this is not a bad idea; Florida was recently named the most crypto-friendly state in America due to favorable tax rules and crypto-friendly laws.

The new support for crypto from the Trump camp comes just days after he expressed support for the Bitcoin mining sector. Last week, he also expressed his desire to mine all remaining Bitcoin in the United States.

Does he put his words into action?

As mentioned, Trump is clearly using crypto as a weapon against Joe Biden. It is one of the current president’s weaknesses. Biden’s crypto policy over the past four years can safely be called mismanagement. If Trump manages to persuade doubting crypto owners to vote for him, this could perhaps make the difference between winning and losing the election.

Crazy Joe Biden, the worst president in the history of the United States, wants crypto to die a slow and painful death. That will never happen to me.

Trump said in a social media post that nicely summarizes his crypto position on May 25. Trump is slowly becoming the hope for the American crypto sector. Time will tell whether, should he defeat Joe Biden, he will put his money where his mouth is.

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