In the context of a great economic, political and social crisis, Argentina goes to the polls this October 22. Also, in the context of a world convulsed by the terrible images coming from the Middle East, where the State of Israel is committing true war crimes against the Palestinian people, after the Hamas attack.

You know it. The Left Front has been fighting in all areas. Disputing against the ideas of the candidates of adjustment and repression with Myriam Bregman and Nicolás del Caño at the forefront, and thousands of us who fight alongside them for another program to exit the crisis. Also in each neighborhood, place of work or study, supporting each struggle so that we do not always continue to be the ones who pay the costs of policies of years and years of adjustment. In these days we were also mobilizing together, moved by Palestine.

Today we call you to one more effort. We want to redouble the fight for our ideas ahead of October 22. because that day nothing ends, but another stage begins. Both Milei, Massa and Bullrich are preparing new attacks, with the IMF folders under their arms, in a situation of inflation and poverty that is no longer enough and they want to resolve in favor of the powerful. That is why It is not the same to enter the new stage with a strong reference from the left, new deputies at the service of the struggles of the great majorities and a great militant force for what is to come.. As Myriam Bregman said on C5N: “Voting for the Unity Left Front is preparing for what is coming.”

From that perspective, we extend a few more invitations to you. With the hashtags #VotoMyriamNico and #LevantaLaIzquierda we want to provide great support on social networks. Tonight let’s be attentive when we go to give the dispute on an important television channel. And tomorrow, Thursday from 7 to 9 p.m., let’s burst the networks to make a great closing of the campaign. In La Izquierda Diario you know that you can find spots and many useful materials to spread our ideas.

Also, if you are nearby, we suggest you find the closures that we will do on Thursday at the Mondelez factory in Tigre together with the workers from 1:30 p.m. and at 5 p.m. in La Plata with a meeting in Plaza San Martín in which young people, workers and members of social movements will participate.

Finally, very important: on Sunday we need to have thousands of people auditing each school to defend the votes of the Left Front. Here you can find all the information necessary to contact you and participate.


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