The place given to the precautionary measure was due to the fact that the strong increases to be applied in February did not respect the process of holding public hearings, where different sectors could participate. Those instances legally provided for modifications in the tariff schedules had been replaced by the Milei Transportation Secretary with a place on the Mi Argentina website to leave comments. Although the suspension is only for 5 days and focuses on the lack of public hearings, the measure coming from the judiciary is a new setback for the Government, which has been obtaining protections and precautionary measures in other jurisdictions.

The Federal Justice of Lomas de Zamora accepted this Wednesday the precautionary measure requested by the mayor of Esteban Echeverría, Fernando Gray, to suspend increases in bus and train tickets in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA) announced by the Secretary of Transportation of Javier Milei. The announced increases seek to raise the minimum bus fare to $270 and the train fare to $130, an increase of 251% and 169%respectively. The suspension has a period of 5 daysuntil the citizen participation process is “readapted.”

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Judge Ernesto Kreplak of the Federal Civil and Commercial Court No. 3 granted the precautionary measure since the way in which the Government intended to apply the strong increases, The due process of calling for prior public hearings to guarantee the participation of various sectors of society was not followed.

This instance was replaced by a mere space on the My Argentina website where a comment could be left of 5,000 characters.

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According to the judicial resolution, “the effects of the public consultation process established by Resolution 1/2024 of the National Executive Branch – Ministry of Infrastructure – Secretary of Transportation are suspended, in accordance with Resolution 616/2018 of the then Ministry of Transportation, for the purposes “to modify the tariff schedule for urban and suburban automobile passenger transportation under national jurisdiction and for rail passenger transportation under national jurisdiction.” And that It will be “for a period of five days, during which time measures must be adopted to guarantee the stated rights, readjusting the citizen participation procedure.”

Although it is probably a temporary suspension, it is a new obstacle in the Government’s plans in different areas. The current precautionary measure on transportation matters is added to the protection presented by the CGT that has already reached the Supreme Court, along with the place given to precautionary measures regarding increases in prepaid bills, or imports and exports, among others.

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