En bloc movement of the defenses of the Tsunami case. Those investigated for terrorism have sent a letter to the Supreme Court in which they point out that Judge Manuel García Castellón made an error with the investigation deadlines that, in his opinion, leads the case to be archived or, at least, to annul everything that was instructed. since July 2021 as it was carried out after the deadline.

The cause of Tsunami Democràtic is in a decisive phase of waiting. The Supreme Court has yet to decide whether to keep the case and charge Carles Puigdemont, Marta Rovira and the rest of those investigated with terrorism, as Judge García Castellón has requested and the Prosecutor’s Office has asked to reject. But in the meantime, the defenses have found a possible error in the instructions of the judge of the National Court, and have thus warned the High Court.

The first to point out this error was, last January, the defense of Carles Puigdemont’s advisor Josep Lluís Alay, carried out by the lawyer Gonzalo Boye, before García Castellón himself. A month later, the instructor’s response is still pending.

In a new document registered this Tuesday in the Supreme Court, the lawyers Íñigo Iruin, Marina Roig, Benet Salellas, Mònica Terradellas and José Prado, who have also been joined by Boye, argue that the investigation of the case ended in July 2021 since García Castellón mistakenly extended the investigation deadlines, which implies that all investigations after that date – among them, the accusation of Puigdemont or the ERC deputy Rubén Wagensberg – must be annulled.

The controversy over the investigation deadlines, which the PP reduced to six months (causing the filing of several corruption cases) and later the Government led by the PSOE extended to one year, appears in the Tsunami case because, according to Alay, the judge agreed one day later than required by law to extend the time to investigate the case.

The defenses argue that, after the reform came into force on July 28, 2020, Judge García Castellón had one year to investigate the Tsunami case and, if the investigation phase had not finished, he had to extend it before July 29. July 2021. However, they warn, the order that extended the investigation phase was agreed on July 30, one day later than what, according to the defense, was required by law.

For this reason, the defenses ask the Supreme Court to, before deciding whether to keep the case, declare that the investigation period for the case ended on July 29, 2021, which would mean that it cannot take on the case against Puigdemont and Wagensberg. , and to refer the case again to the National Court to determine “the consequences” of García Castellón’s error in the deadlines.

Source: www.eldiario.es

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