The Chamber of Deputies will hold a special session this Tuesday to discuss the modification to the Income Tax. In addition, a law for SMEs that proposes tax benefits and the creation of five national universities will also be debated.

This will be the second session in the Lower House after the PASO elections, after the one held on August 23, when Together for Change and Milei came to the aid of the real estate business with the modifications to the Rental Law.

Hit by the election result, the government is doing everything possible to show initiative, working on measures to restore some of the workers’ damaged purchasing power. For this reason, in recent weeks the candidate minister could be seen converted into an advertisement machine.

Salary is not profit, as the Left Front always maintained. But the reality is that the announced measures are nothing more than small reliefs, behind a gigantic theft via devaluation, inflation and the adjustment dictated by the IMF. Without going any further, this Friday Massa sent a new Budget to Congress, marked by meeting the goals established by the Monetary Fund and with an inflation projection that is impossible to believe calculated at 69.5% annually. A mechanism already used several times, as a way to hide the adjustment with “low” inflation and thus liquefy the budget allocated to key items such as AUH and retirements, among others.

Unlike what always happens when it is necessary to vote on reducing taxes for large businessmen, Together for Change has already announced that it will oppose the treatment of the project and will not even provide a quorum for the start of the session. Meanwhile, Milei and her group are still playing the mystery game since until now they have not said what position they will take. A strange case of liberalism that is against all taxes, but that doubts what to do when it comes to eliminating one that represents a theft from the salaries of many workers who are affected by working overtime, working on weekends or holidays.

The special session was called for 1 p.m. Previously (11:30 a.m.) the parliamentary work committee will meet to agree on the work scheme between the presidents of the blocks, where the sections dedicated to issues of privileges and orders must also be defined. of separation.

Meanwhile, outside the venue there will be a mobilization of the union table “Salary is not profit”, which is made up of different unions aligned with the ruling party of both the CGT and the CTA. An attitude that coincides with that taken by the main leaders of both centers, who accompanied Massa in the announcement of the project while they have been letting go of all the adjustment measures and attacks on salaries.

Sergio Massa, surrounded by the main leaders of the CGT and the CTA during the announcement of the measure
Sergio Massa, surrounded by the main leaders of the CGT and the CTA during the announcement of the measure


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