This Thursday, September 14, a national day of struggle will be held in Buenos Aires and throughout the country. As the main slogan it will say: “To the right and the adjustment we stop it in the streets”. In the metropolitan area The rally will begin at 4:30 p.m. and at 6:30 p.m. it will fill the Plaza de Mayo where a document will be read.

The columns will be headed by sectors of combative unionism, factories under worker management, independent picketing organizations, the Left Unity Front and other leftist forces, human rights organizations, student centers and members of the Tercer Malón of the indigenous communities. But all fighters who understand that it is key to take to the streets and see that their union and political leaders are not doing so are also invited.

The call is a very important step. In the midst of the adjustment, the passivity of the CGT and the CTA in the face of the attacks, and an electoral campaign where Milei, Massa and Bullrich are moving to the right in the debates and measures they are preparing, the departure of combative unionism, the picketing organizations and the left on the street It is a clear message.

That is what the Unity Left Front has been proposing. That is why as soon as we finished the PASO from the PTS we began a round of meetings with social and political organizations. We also brought to the FITU table the proposal to broadly call a meeting to take back the streets in a unitary manner. The meeting held this Friday at the premises of the Front of Organizations in Struggle (FOL) It showed the agreement of many sectors in this need to go out into the streets with a clear proposal.

That is why it was possible to agree that, in addition to the main slogan, the day of struggle will have as flags: “Down with the adjustment of Massa and the IMF, against the offensive of Milei and the right! For the triumph of all workers and popular struggles!

In the few weeks that have passed since the PASO, the devaluation, inflation and measures in favor of the employers show that the Monetary Fund is directing the destiny of the country, and the parties that are competing to enter the runoff promise to continue that adjustment. That definition was the starting point for the document that will be read in Plaza de Mayo.

There he will make it clear that “Those of us in this square call to join forces to confront the adjusters of the government, the Fund and the right that threatens to overthrow all workers’ rights.” In addition, the denialist movements of La Libertad Avanza will be denounced.

Furthermore, the “clear submission of the bureaucratic union leaderships to the adjustment plans of the Government and the IMF will be strongly denounced, since they should have called a fight plan and general strike in defense of salaries and pensions” and will be required to take these measures.

And “the criminalization and persecution by governments against indigenous peoples, anti-bureaucratic fighters and the piquetero movement.”

The mobilization also will raise a series of urgent demands so that the working class does not pay for the crisis. Among them the comprehensive restitution of comprehensive assistance to soup kitchens, the increase in the living and mobile minimum wage to the basic basket, a salary equivalent to the family basket, automatically updated by monthly inflation, and 82% mobile for pensioners, the rejection of any anti-worker labor reform, neither by law nor by agreements, the proposal of a public works plan for popular neighborhoods and popular housing with work under agreement, the tripling of public health and education budgets, the defense of legal abortion and comprehensive secular and scientific sexual education, as well as support for the struggles of Uatre Ledesma against fraud and Cerámica Neuquén against auctions.

The National Day of Struggle is an important step, a response from the sectors in struggle to the measures taken by economic power every day. Because the working class, which together with their families brings together the vast majority of the country, which makes the country function day by day, It is the only one that can defeat the plans of the economic power and the IMF and give it a solution in favor of its interests.

But the day also falls within a key moment in the country, where who will govern is defined. That is why it is key to also raise the political fight against the adjustment candidates. In that framework, From the delegations of the Socialist Left as well as the PTS and the Movement of Classist Groups, the need to denounce the “forces of adjustment” by name and surname was raised.the 4 presidential formulas that share the consensus of the IMF, extractivism and adjustment: Milei, Massa, Bullrich, Schiaretti.

This Thursday, everyone, take to the streets!


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