Luis Rubiales resigns as president of the RFEF and vice president of UEFA. He announced this late this Sunday in a statement. “After the swift suspension carried out by FIFA, plus the rest of the procedures opened against me, it is evident that I will not be able to return to office,” he stated in a note on social networks after transmitting the resignation to the acting president, Pedro Rocha. Rubiales makes this decision three weeks after the non-consensual kiss he imposed on the player Jennifer Hermoso after the victory of the Spanish women’s team at the World Cup in Australia.

“Insisting on waiting and clinging to it is not going to contribute anything positive, neither to the Federation nor to Spanish football. Among other things, because there are powers that be that will prevent my return,” he continues.

Rubiales affirms that “there is” the management of his team “and, above all, the happiness that I take with me for the enormous privilege of these more than 5 years at the head of the RFEF.” He maintains that he does not want Spanish football “to be harmed by this entire disproportionate campaign and, above all, I make this decision after having made sure that my departure will contribute to the stability that will allow both Europe and Africa to remain united in the dream.” 2030, which will allow us to bring the largest event in the world to our country.”

“I must look forward, look to the future. Now there is something that occupies me firmly. I have faith in the truth and I will do everything in my power to make it prevail. My daughters, my family and the people who love me have suffered the effects of excessive persecution, as well as many falsehoods, but it is also true that on the street, more and more every day, the truth is prevailing. From here I convey to all the workers, assembly members, federations and football people in general, a big hug, wishing them good luck,” he adds.

He shared the decision minutes before releasing the statement, in an interview with Piers Morgan. “Some friends have told me that I have to focus on my dignity and continue with my life. It is not just a question about me, it affects third parties and this is the smartest thing to do,” she noted.

The Prosecutor’s Office filed a complaint against him on Friday

Rubiales’ resignation comes after three weeks of a controversy that began with the non-consensual kiss of Jenni Hermoso after the women’s world final. This Friday, the Prosecutor’s Office filed a complaint in the National Court against Rubiales, whom it asks to investigate for the crimes of sexual assault and coercion in relation to the kiss she gave to the player Jenni Hermoso after the World Cup final in Sydney.

The document considers that the kiss that Rubiales imposed on the soccer player’s mouth while he grabbed her head with both hands constitutes a crime of sexual assault provided for in article 178 of the Penal Code. This provision provides for sentences of one to four years in prison in the case of sexual assaults in which there is no intimidation, violence or annulment of will, although the sentencing body may impose the prison sentence in its lower half (one year to two and a half years) or a fine of eighteen to twenty-four months depending on “the minor nature of the act and the personal circumstances of the guilty party.”

But, in addition, the prosecutor considers that Rubiales also committed a crime of coercion – provided for and punishable in article 172 – due to the “constant and repeated pressure” to which he himself and his entourage allegedly subjected Hermoso and his family and friends to to justify and publicly approve an act committed “against his will.” The prosecutor, based on the victim’s testimony, understands that she suffered “a situation of harassment, against the development of her life in peace, tranquility and freely.”

Hermoso’s decision to denounce Rubiales opened a new scenario. The complaint has been distributed to the Central Court of Instruction 1 of the National Court, which is the court assigned jurisdiction over crimes committed outside the national territory. If its owner, Francisco de Jorge, observes that in the reported facts there are indications of a crime, he will admit it to processing and an investigation phase will begin. After this investigation phase, the judge could archive the facts if he considers that there has been no crime or send the matter to trial.


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