Attorney Robert Kennedy Jr. Photo: reproduction

Son of former Senator Robert Kennedy and nephew of former President John Kennedy Jr, lawyer Robert Kennedy Jr will launch himself in the Democratic primaries against incumbent Joe Biden for the US elections of 2024. Kennedy Jr has stood out for another reason : is one of the strongest voices against the war in Ukraine.

“The war in Ukraine is a war by the United States against Russia to destroy Putin and exhaust the Russian army”, says the environmentalist lawyer, without mincing words. The phrase was said in an interview with the UnHeard website on May 8.

In response to the question: “You have said on several occasions that the United States is in a state of permanent war and that you want to end it. With regard to Ukraine, how do you propose to do that?”, Kennedy Jr. explains that “It is a war of the US against Russia, sacrificing young Ukrainians in a carnage. President Biden said that was his intention: to destroy Putin.

Already US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said in April 2022 that our goal here is to exhaust the Russian military. What does “exhaustion” mean? It means playing Ukrainians against them. My son fought there side by side with the Ukrainians and 300,000 of them died in combat,” said Kennedy Jr.

The commander of the special forces unit in Ukraine, which is probably Europe’s most elite fighting force, said 80% of his troops are dead or wounded and cannot rebuild the unit. Right now Russians are killing Ukrainians 1 to 5 or 1 to 8 depending on which data you believe.

To appease the conflict, Kennedy Jr proposes to do the sensible thing, which saves lives:

“The Minsk agreements lay the groundwork for a final agreement. The Donbass region, which has 80% of the population of ethnic Russians – and Russians who are being systematically murdered by the Ukrainian government – ​​would become an autonomous area within Ukraine and would be protected.

Let’s protect those populations by deploying a United Nations force or whatever we have to do to make sure the bloodshed stops. Also, we have to remove our Aegis missile systems, which house the Tomahawk nuclear missiles – 100 km away from the Russian border. When the Russians placed nuclear missiles in Cuba, 2200 km from Washington, the US was going to invade Cuba.

“How did the Soviets remove the missiles? My uncle and father made a deal with Ambassador Brennan and Khrushchev. The deal was: we will withdraw our Jupiter missiles from Turkey, on its border, because we know that this is intolerable for the USSR. We must also keep NATO out of Ukraine, which is what the Russians have asked for. I think based on these points, we could stop the war,” says Kennedy Jr.

“We should have listened to Putin years ago. We made a deal with Mikhail Gorbachev not to move NATO an inch to the east. We lied, added 13 more countries to NATO, installed nuclear-capable missiles; we held joint military exercises with Ukraine and these other countries integrated into NATO”, he concluded.

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