The claim is known by many: the Macrista government bought wagons contaminated with asbestos (asbestos) from the Madrid Metro. This was added to the presence of this carcinogenic material in other formations and subway facilities. 3 workers have already died and there are 84 sick. The danger lurks also to the users.

The workers and workers, together with their union, demand that the government and the company remove all this poison from the 6 lines and reduce the working day to 6 hours and 5 days, with two francs, because the subway is and will continue to be unhealthy.

However, the City Government and the Roggio Group want to continue poisoning the workers and workers. Not only do they refuse to comply with the measures of justice, which agreed with the environmental protection presented by the AGTSyP, but they also attack the measures they take in self-defense. But if it weren’t for the opening of the turnstiles, the stoppages and the awareness campaign, the complaint of contamination would never have been taken seriously.

In addition to the compulsive, exorbitant and anti-union discounts that the company makes, the Buenos Aires government spends millions of pesos in guidelines to dirty the fight. Just like he does with social organizations, his friend$ journalists come out to deny the complaints and demand a “strong hand” against the metro delegates.

In La Nación + it was Luis Novaresio who said that the complaint was “sarasa” and is electoral. Pure lie. How do you explain that it started in 2018 then, and has been going on all this time? In TN they only send for negative user opinions (this is how some press workers recognize it in a voice-over) and columnist Edgardo Alfano asks that the strikers be fired. Even if they only ask for better conditions so as not to get poisoned. Or they give air to Emova’s spokeswomen who have already been denied by doctors and even the courts, but they continue to say from their cheeky offices that nothing happens underground. And to the Chief of Staff, Felipe Miguel, who is outraged that they want to have two francs for working in an unhealthy environment. He says it with his feet up on his desk while they serve him the second coffee in the morning.

Why don’t they set up their offices in the Rancagua or Urquiza Workshop and breathe that air a bit, if “nothing happens”?

Because they are cheeky. And criminals.

Instead of spending money to destroy the subway, Larreta and Emova (Metrovías) spend millions to dirty the claim, keep the subway poisoned and campaign for elections. Because what Larreta is looking for is to compete with Milei or Bullrrich, who is more arrogant and anti-worker.

It must be recognized that in this case some points are being scored in the “fachometer”.


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