For 10 days, Milei’s attack on state workers took a new leap. While increasing the million-dollar salaries of his cabinet, he illegally left more than 11,000 state workers nationwide on the streets. Many of them have been hired for 10 or 20 years. They are not gnocchi but perform essential tasks for the functioning of the public administration.

On Wednesday, after the long weekend, the union called for a “massive entry” to the offices in the City of Buenos Aires. The busiest point was the Ministry of Labor, which has been left in the hands of Paolo Rocca’s men (Techint) and had already carried out 500 layoffs. There the dismissals and farewells entered to hold an assembly. The Brown Group proposed measures commensurate with the attack, in addition to promoting the formation of a commission of those fired and that this Friday’s march will end at the Techint Group buildings.

Finally, ATE called a strike for this Friday, with concentration at the Ministry of Economy. But the right-wing government doubled down. On Thursday afternoon he sent more than 30 emails about layoffs to the Ministry of Labor. Again to people who are carrying out tasks in different areas of the Secretariat. A total provocation. But it was also known in the last few hours that the Government deposited the salary without the increase corresponding to the month of March. Let us remember that UPCN had agreed to a sum of only 8%, when inflation reaches 60% so far this year.

As delegates from the Brown Group told La Izquierda Diario, “it is something that they also did last month, they break down our salary, they call joint meetings at the end of the month when the salaries have already been settled, and thus they kick off the increases that, as we know, they are behind inflation.

According to the InfoGremiales site “the 8% increase endorsed by UPCN and rejected by ATE will be paid by complementary payroll, that is, in a subsequent settlement.”

A new attack on the pocket. The majority of state employees do not make ends meet, they have been losing purchasing power and on top of that they “kick” the increase that is devalued every week.

The new “measure of force” is a clear signal for ATE: it is not carrying out forceful actions, at the level of the attack, that will stop the chainsaw and blender of Milei, Caputo and Pettovello. Assemblies are needed, a general strike of all the plants and a combative plan of struggle.


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