Contrary to the official project that takes away workers’ rights, the PTS-FITU block of deputies presented a social and economic emergency project in favor of the working majorities. It was after overcoming the refusal to accept its entry during last Tuesday’s session by the ruling party (UCR) and the PJ, that they did vote in favor of the entry of the project sent by the governor.

Here we present the main points proposed by the left in opposition to the official project, and in favor of the working majorities.

Salary emergency. In terms of wages, it is proposed that no worker earn less than the family basket. Valued at almost 700,000 pesos (February, Dipec). While Sadir’s project states that the government will only guarantee the minimum, vital and mobile wage, today at 202,800 pesos.

Prohibition of dismissals. The left’s project proposes defending jobs. In the state with the transfer to permanent plant. And in the private sector prohibiting layoffs for one year. Sadir’s project suspends the transfer to the plant and enables layoffs of those hired in the state whose situation is subject to evaluation.

Tariffs. It is proposed to stop all tariffs in services such as transportation, electricity, water and gas. Furthermore, it declares them as essential services and thus access to them must be guaranteed by the provincial state. Sadir’s project says nothing about stopping the high tariff.

Food aid. The project on the left proposes the delivery of food to canteens, picnic areas and milk cups throughout the province. Thus aimed at strengthening the fight against hunger carried out by different organizations. Sadir’s project will deliver aid only to individuals, against collective organization.

Financing. It is proposed to apply taxes to large companies such as Ledesma, Sales de Jujuy and landowners. Reinstatement in the gross income rates prior to the 2017 Fiscal Pact, the repeal of Law No. 5290 that exempts lithium mining and others from paying gross income, and Law No. 6285 that exempts the Budeguer Group from provincial taxes , owner of the La Esperanza Sugar Mill. The impact on JEMSE’s income and the income that comes from exhaustive control by workers and communities on the declaration of the “boca mine” value on which mining companies pay royalties. Progressive taxes on capital and large land ownership, necessary to meet the emerging needs of this law. Sadir’s project does not have a single point of impact on the interests of economic power. The adjustment falls on the working people.

We put this project for consideration by the union directorates, particularly the state ones., whose workers are being targeted by the government. At the same time The block of deputies on the left proposes that they articulate all types of measures inside and outside the Legislature for the purposes of setting up a unitary fight plan that allows preparing a provincial strike until stopping the official Emergency Law. Beginning with call on all working people to mobilize the Legislature this Wednesday 3/4 at 5 p.m. when the plenary session of commissions that will discuss the project meets, and thus make way for the fight for an alternative solution in favor of the majorities.

Below we share with our readers and all working people the economic and social Emergency project proposed by the PTS-FITU.

Jujuy. PTS-FITU Economic and Social Emergency Project by The Left Daily on Scribd


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