Daniel Alves, former football player, was released from prison in Spain this Monday, 25th, after paying a bond of 1 million euros, approximately R$5.4 million.

His release comes in the context of his sentence to four years and six months in prison for raping a young woman in Barcelona. Information released by the news portal Notícias da TV indicates that Memphis Depay, a professional colleague, contributed financially to the bail payment.

Mabkhout Al Marri, journalist, clarified that it was Depay who paid the bail, freeing Neymar Jr. and his father, Neymar da Silva Santos, from any financial involvement in the case.

Both Neymar and his father had previously been mentioned as possible collaborators in the payment, but they denied such allegations.

With bail paid, Daniel Alves was released under provisional release conditions, awaiting the next legal steps related to his case.

During this period, Alves will reside in his mansion located in Esplugues de Llobregat, a region close to Barcelona, ​​valued at R$27 million.

The Spanish court imposed specific restrictions on the former player, including a ban on approaching and contacting the victim within a minimum radius of 1 km.

Additionally, Alves is not permitted to leave the country and must appear in court weekly as part of the conditions for his provisional release.

This development marks a significant chapter in the case of Daniel Alves, reflecting the continuity of legal procedures and the conditions established by the Spanish Justice for his provisional release.

With information from Cosme Rímoli’s blog, on R7

Source: https://www.ocafezinho.com/2024/03/28/identidade-de-quem-pagou-fianca-de-daniel-alves-e-descoberta/

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